TML 13 - BEFC vs Lions

TML13 BEFC vs Lions
17th October (Sat)
MEET: 16:00 | KO: 17:10

First match of the season vs Lions, after this fixture was cancelled in Silver week.
Lions are a strong physical team who have improved vastly last season and we'll see if they have strengthened further. The first match we won with a sneaky goal and then hung on to the lead until the end of the match. It was a solid rear guard movement on a day where many regulars didn't turn out. The second match ended in a draw, in a game that mostly took place in midfield, with neither attack being able to get through the defence.

There was some shocking refereeing that day, with our lads being hacked down time after time with no cautioning. Lions are good lads, but if things are allowed to be let go they will play as hard as they are permitted. As previously we want a strong/physically strong midfield for this match, and hopefully we'll be able to cut apart their defence this time.