BEFC 11s - Tokyo Training and Match

BEFC Tokyo Training and Match
17th March (Sat)
15:30 Start at 16:00

This training and match replaces BEFC vs Pumas TML Match

British Embassy FC's TML match vs Pumas has been cancelled. However the TML has the pitch booked and we have the opportunity to use it.
Getting access to a full sized pitch in Tokyo is incredibly hard so it's a huge opportunity to make the most of.
We can use the pitch in Shinsuna (Koto ward) from 4pm for 2 hours to do what we like. So depending on the numbers we get this can be a training session AND match for players who attend.

For Embassy FC players were already playing against Pumas I have rolled over the registration to this event since you would be here anyway.
All players are welcome to sign up with a focus on TML 11s in terms of training and match.
If you have mates you would like to introduce to BEFC 11s teams then you are welcome to sign them up to this event.

Lions have a match against Imperio FC the next day in the plate. Lions might consider this a good chance to work on some of their tactics and gameplay before taking on Imperio.
It's a quarter final lads, so you should want to win it and continue the glory. Worth the extra effort?!...

Plenty of Embassy FC players after matches have said, 'We should have training sessions' or 'We need to work on our 'thing to work on'. Well now we have the very rare opportunity to get ourselves a real pitch, for a real training. So I encourage you to sign up, contact us about what you'd like to work on and be part of making it happen.

The pitch also has 7 aside goals, so we'll always be able to play some kind of match.

We need to confirm with the TML we will take the pitch.
We probably will anyway, but early registrations would be helpful.