(Ladies) Tokyu Ladies Soccer Smile 8 Cup

8 October 2018

Shibuya-ku Football Association will host a ladies football tournament on 8 October, 2018 (Sports Day).
This is the 3rd time for us to participate in this tournament. Unlike general 5 on 5 futsal tournament, this Smile 8 Cup is more serious and open to some ladies teams in football (soccer) league.

This is outdoor 8 on 8 soccer (football) tournament between 10 ladies teams .
5 teams are recommended by Shibuya-ku and the other 5 teams are selected by the lottery. 
Players for each team is up to 20 people.
Participation fee is free and they will provide us a size 5 ball and bibs as a gift!
Players list to be submitted at the reception in the morning.

Shoes: Spikes / Cleats or training shoes  

Rules: - 8 on 8 
            - 15min half (5min break)
            - Size 5 ball
            - Players have to be 7m away from the kicker at free kick as well as corner kick
            - Throw in        

08:30 -            Pitch open
08:40 - 09:00  Reception
09:00 - 09:20 Opening ceremony 

09:30 - 10:05  BEFC Ladies vs FC Vengaboys  @Court A
11:00 - 11:35  BEFC Ladies vs Shibuya Smile Friends  @Court A
12:30 - 13:05  BEFC Ladies vs FC Komazawa  @Court A
14:00 - 14:35  BEFC Ladies vs FC Frontier  @Court A

17:00 - 17:35  Finals @Court B  /  3rd place playoff @Court A

17:40 Closing Ceremony

Last time we invited players from other team (friends of members) to make a strong team and to cover the number. It worked very well and we could play against the teams in league in a competitive level. We will first recruit from team then ask those players who joined last year to support us again!
Members who have experience playing 11s football in the past, please make yourself available!! 
The ball used for this tournament is size 5, which is bigger and bouncy than the futsal ball. No offside rules but we have to throw-in if the ball crosses the touchline.
15min half with 5min break.