Football Remembers - 100 years Christmas Truce

BEFC - Football Remembers
7th Dec. (Sun)
Meet: 13:00 Start: 13:30 Finish: 16:00 After Party: 17:00~

Football Remembers is to commemorate the centenary of one of the most iconic moments of the First World War - the 1914 Christmas Truce football match. Together the British Council, Premier League, the FA and the Football League are staging a number of rememberance events highlighting the human spirit over adversity. 

​Football Remembers Week will take place from 6-14 December and during this week commorative matches will take place all across the UK. Everyone who takes part in Football Remembers are asked to take a photo at the start of their matches, which includes every Premiership and FA Cup match. All these photos will be displayed together on a special commemorative website.

In Japan BEFC, the British Embassy, the British Council and NSK are taking part by holding a 'Football Remembers' match on Sunday 7th, at NSK's Saginuma sports field. Our idea will be to represent as many different countries playing in national kits to celebrate international solidarity, friendship and peace through football. Therefore we hope to extend the inivitation to this event to as many people as possible.

In this spirit, all teams will be mixed, and a few different matches played over the course of the event. This theme aligns with the original matches which were spontaneous and unstructured.
We may possibly even have one special match where everyone plays at the same time, representing the accounts of the Christmas Truce matches in which around 100 people all joined in kicking the ball across no-man's land.

This event is free, with special thanks to NSK for use of their grounds.

Stay tuned for more involvement from other organisations and companies supporting this event.

If you can wear your national team's jersey that is great, if not it doesn't have to be a football kit but can be another sport or something that adds to the colour.
-- Christmas hats are also encouraged.

Arrive - 13:00
Welcome speech & Commemorative Photo - 13:30
Matches Begin ~  First game everyone plays - 10 minutes. Then 20 minute mini 11s games with mixed player teams.
Finish - 16:00
Leave Grounds - before 17:00
After party from 17:00 - Za Watami, Saginuma /

As this is a rememberance event and one themed on international friendship, we'd like it to have as much attention as possible.
Therefore please pass it on, and if you would like to be more involved promoting or organising it with us, then please get in touch.

You can register for this event on the form below.
It's open to anyone, you do not need a team, but turn up as an individual and we'll play mixed matches in the spirit of the truce.


Football Remembers Football Remembers