BEFC vs Pumas
17th March (Sat)

This match has been cancelled due to opposition pulling out.
It is now this event because we can use the pitch ourselves


In the first game versus Pumas we were all up for having a real titantic battle with them. Matches vs Pumas are always good ones and there is a slight bit of rivalry as we were challenging against them for the D2 title the year we didn't make promotion! Also we always get drawn against Pumas in all TML 7s competitions. Up until them we had beaten them and they had beaten us 1 - 0. Unfortunately that day, lots of players became unavailble, injured or dropped out leaving us to play with 10 men at least until half time when we knew one of our players were coming. It was all a little bit of a let down really.

Our rather brilliant defensive effort lasted exactly until he arrived and then Pumas got a fortunate 2nd ball from a slightly dodgy pass across the middle of the pitch and that was the end of it! 0 - 1.
With 11 players, 10 of which had been defending like maniacs for 40 minutes we didn't really have the umph left in us to turn the scoreline around. However did fantastically well to not get hammered, which is what we'd expect with 10 men vs Pumas.

So now we get a chance to finally have that titantic battle against Pumas properly. I know they want it too! With our proper squad out and more than 10 players this will be an excellent match to play and our chance to get the scores back in our favour!