MIFA Embassy Cup 2018

Sunday, December 2, 2018

*Open only to futsal and ladies members*

MIFA Embassy Cup 2018

We plan to ideally take one competitive team and possibly a second less competitive team depending on interest. If you have a preference for one team over the other, please note it in the comments. Mark and Seth will be setting the lineup(s).

PLAYERS: 5 players minimum (including the GK), plus a few subs

Extra kit will be brought for players who do not have their personal kit. For those without kit, please bring Shinpads and shoes!

SCHEDULE: Meeting Time 9AM (please arrive on time so we can collect payment and warm up)
                      Tournament 10AM ~ 1PM
                      After Party 1:30PM ~

1st Place - 50,000 yen JTB travel coupons
2nd Place - 30,000 yen JTB travel coupons
3rd Place - 10,000 yen JTB travel coupons
MVP/MIP - 20,000 yen JTB travel coupons

AFTER PARTY: FREE beer, drinks, pizza, food