BEFC Christmas Party and Awards 2019

Tue, 12/17/2019 - 19:00
19:00 ~ 22:00

It's time for this year's BEFC Christmas Party and Awards which will be held at GOLD MONKEY at Shinjuku - register by 15th, 6pm please!
The party will begin at 19:00 and on into the evening, featuring fine food, great company, yearly review and awards.

The 3,500 yen cost of this monumental event includes 10 meals, 3 hours Nomi Hodai (all you can drink) and unlimited Roast Beef, Chicken bucket.


◆All you can drink
3 hours including draft beer and more
◆All you can eat
2 hours Monster Roast Beef, Chicken bucket

1 Prosciutto ham salad
2 Edamame
3 Assorted sausages
4 Crispy fries
5 Juicy fried chicken
6 Salmon carpaccio with refreshing dressing
7 Shrimp and Mushroom Ajillo With bucket
8 Grilled young chicken
9 Oven-baked pizza
10 Mexican fried rice jambalaya and Today's dessert

[Sign Up information]
The party is open to all BEFC Members (BEFC, BEFC Lions, Futsal, Ladies), their immediate partner and family. If there is 'more room at the inn' we can extend invitation out further to friends and distant relatives.

Please Register by Sunday 15th 6pm as that is the date we have to tell them numbers.
When registering please put the full name for yourself and guests. Please make each person as a separate registration, so we can see the numbers easily.