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02nd (Tue) Feb 2016

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Zion FC - Arjun Bapat

With another cracking BEFC team display to vanquish Zion FC 1 - 0 in the dying minutes of the game the MOM award was debated in depth over a celebratory jug of victory beer. The match was truly intense and the number of MOM nominations put forward just showed the level of performance being put out...
02nd (Tue) Feb 2016

BEFC 2015 Highlights

BEFC Highlights TML 12
Discovered on youTube and created by Caner for the Christmas party. If you haven't watched it, here is a very slightly edited edition (without the NSFW Syu Syu incident).
30th (Sat) Jan 2016

BEFC General Meeting Summary

BEFC Half Season Meeting 2016
On the 23rd January 2016 in Shin-Koiwa members of BEFC convened to discuss club issues outlined in the General Meeting Agenda. Here's a summary of the decisions made and in action until the end of the season - viewable to logged in members.
27th (Wed) Jan 2016

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Zion FC - Go Oomichi

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Go Oomichi
In a fine all round team display all players put in a great performance. However there can only be one MOM. While scoring the goals doesn't a Man of the Match make, it does when we consider where they are scored from. Playing deep in holding midfield, breaking down attacks and bombing forward into...
23rd (Sat) Jan 2016

Caner says sayonara to BEFC and hello to the Hobbits

BEFC - Caner's sayonara game
James 'Caner' Cane has unlaced his boots and headed out for a life with the Kiwi's (and Hobbits) in New Zealand. A player of smooth silky weaves and smart passing, Caner was an integral part of the TML team and club as well as winning the MIFA Futsal Trophy as Captain Caner in back to back...
20th (Wed) Jan 2016

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Saitama Jets - James Pounder

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - James Pounder
After a wobbly end to 2015 BEFC got back on track with a crushing win over Saitama Jets in the FJC Plate. It took until near the second half for the team to remember who each other were but once it clicked back together BEFC backed up their ambition with some classy football and overpowering play...
16th (Sat) Jan 2016

Adecco MVP FJC New Year 7s - Kentaro Takahashi

Adecco BEFC FJC New Year 7s MVP - Kentaro Takahashi
The Footy Japan Competitions New Year 7s tournament was a bit of a disappointing affair for BEFC, who despite some really strong play crashed out losing all games by a 1 single goal. This was only made slightly better by learning that the opposition teams in their group - won the entire tournament...
30th (Wed) Dec 2015

Branco gets ready for BEFC Retirement

Branco Sayonara
Branislav 'Branco' Pochaba receives the legendary BEFC Polo shirt as he prepares to hang up his speedy BEFC boots and leave Japan. Yes, that's right, Bran is leaving us by the end of January, and the match against Kodansha was possibly his last 11s game for BEFC. A regular lock-in at full back for...
30th (Wed) Dec 2015

BEFC 3 - 5 Kodansha (Embassy Challenge Cup 2015)

Embassy Challenge Cup 2015 -BEFC vs Kodansha
On a fine sunny day BEFC travelled out to the Kenko Sports Ground in Omiya to play Kodansha in the first ever Embassy Challenge Cup. The Embassy Challenge Cup was established in 2015 as an annual competitive match for BEFC to challenge a non-TML league side as well as create relationships with...
29th (Tue) Dec 2015

BEFC join NSK and Keidanren for Football Remembers 2015

BEFC, NSK & Keidanren at Football Remembers 2015
On December 6th, BEFC joined players from NSK and Keidanren to take part in a new Football Remembers event, hosted by NSK at their ground in Saginuma. Last year BEFC and NSK hosted a Football Remembers event as part of the British Council and Premier League initiative to commemorate 100 years since...
22nd (Tue) Dec 2015

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Kodansha - Go Oomichi

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Go Oomichi
In an entertaining match on real grass against Kodansha it was an open and exiciting game. With his new Truesocks increasing his reaction time even more, Go 'The Spider' Oomichi span his web of defence across the middle of the pitch. In the later stages Go made a real threat impact running with the...
15th (Tue) Dec 2015

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Fussa - Kentaro Takahashi

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Kentaro Takahashi
A brilliant first half team performance was contrasted against a horrible second half collapse. However one player who remained on form and a constant threat was Kentaro Takahashi. After a number of BEFC attacks going close but not quite enough, Ken decided to open the scoring with his own bit of...
10th (Thu) Dec 2015

BEFC 11s Player of the Year Award 2015 - Ben Palmer

BEFC Player of the Year 2015 - Ben Palmer
Congratulations to captain Ben Palmer, winning the BEFC Player of the Year Award 2015. Since taking over as Captain last season, he must be doing something right! Known for his meticulous attention to tactics and highly proficient in the lesser recognised technique of 'organisation', BEFC are yet...
10th (Thu) Dec 2015

BEFC Golden Boot 2015 - Kentaro Takahashi

BEFC Golden Boot 2015 - Kentaro Takahashi
Congratulations to Ken, winning the BEFC Golden Boot as top scorer for 2015 with 9 goals and notably the now legendary goal from the half way line versus Imperio FC. Ken arrived at the start of January opening his scoring with a goal from a direct corner, inswinging into the back corner. He then...