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25th (Thu) May 2017

Adecco BEFC Bonfim Ladies Futsal MVP – Yumi Kajino

Adecco BEFC Bonfim Ladies Futsal MVP – Yumi Kajino
BEFC Ladies (BELFC) took 3rd place in an indoor/outdoor futsal tournament on a very hot and sunny Sunday afternoon. The strong showing by the ladies was due to strong defender Yumi Kajino—who many of the team have started calling “Killer” based on her keen ability to shut down strikers. Kajino, a...
21st (Sun) May 2017

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Zion FC - Jorge Marenco

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Jorge Marenco vs Zion FC
BEFC headed out on a warm sunny afternoon for a rematch with 2nd place Zion FC. While BEFC were already champions Zion were fighting for 2nd place and promotion so it was going to be a heated game! Zion started strongly putting the pressure on BEFC's irregular defensive line up, but a quick break...
28th (Fri) Apr 2017

BEFC batter JETRO 4 - 1 with 10 men to become TML D2 Champions

BEFC 4 - 1 JETRO April 2017 Match Report
10 years ago BEFC won their first league title with the ‘Invincibles’ of TML4. On April 22nd 2017 BEFC headed down to Yokohama to face JETRO, knowing a victory would bring BEFC the TML14 league title and bring long awaited glory back to the club! The path to glory was set out to be a match for the...
24th (Mon) Apr 2017

Adecco MOM BEFC vs JETRO - Takahiro Yoshida

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Takahiro Yoshida vs JETRO
BEFC pulled together a valiant 10 man effort to take glory and clinch the TML Division 2 title in a match for the ages. With key players absent and more dropping out on the day, struck down by a mysterious virus, the back line already had the welcoming of new goalkeeper Sei Katori to integrate into...
02nd (Sun) Apr 2017

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Machida - Kentaro Takahashi

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Kentaro Takahashi vs Machida FC
BEFC's previous friendlies against Machida FC hadn't really done them justice. Perhaps they were a little too friendly and experimential against a decent team who could easily play TML 2. This time justice had to be served as BEFC took down the league team. With the purpose to keep their Division 2...
29th (Wed) Mar 2017

Adecco MIFA Ladies Futsal MVP - Namiho Takeda

Adecco BEFC MIFA Ladies Futsal MVP - Namiho Takeda
On a rainy and cold Sunday afternoon, BELFC took part in the MIFA Ladies Competition which was the second tournament for as many weeks for our Ladies team. This time, the competition was in a more familiar 5v5 futsal rules which certainly suited BELFC style of play and tactics. Watching the players...
19th (Sun) Mar 2017

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Lions FC - Jorge Marenco

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Jorge Marenco
BEFC headed out to Chiba for a crucial fixture against Lions FC. Beating Lions would put them within one more win from sealing the Division 2 Championship. Whether it was the curse of St.Patrick's Day or just nobody likes going to Soga, a squad of 18 on Wednesday became 12 at kick off, as various...
14th (Tue) Mar 2017

BEFC Ladies take part on the Shibuya Smile8 Cup!

BEFC Ladies Football Club Tokyo at the Shibuya Smile8 Cup 2017
On March 12th, 2017 BEFC Ladies (BELFC) took part in the Shibuya FA's Ladies 8 aside Cup competition at Shibuya Sports Center in Hatagaya. The tournament consisted of 10 teams split into two groups who played 4 matches over the event. Being BELFC's second outing as a team, and first time playing...
14th (Tue) Mar 2017

Adecco BEFC MVP Shibuya Smile8 Cup - Teresa Iniesta

Adecco BEFC MVP Award - Teresa Iniesta
The Shibuya FA's Smile8 Ladies cup was BEFC / BELFC's second competition outing and first time playing competive 8 aside. It was a great opportunity to mix it up with established teams and get team experience playing 4 matches over the course of the day. Obviously having never played 8s before...
12th (Sun) Mar 2017

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Fussa FC - Timothy Witvliet

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Timothy Witvliet
BEFC continued their charge on the TML Division 2 Championship with a hard fought 1 - 0 over Fussa FC. It was a tough match against an athletic opponent making the whole match high intensity and action packed --- when not stopping for freekicks every few minutes when someone from Fussa fell over on...
01st (Wed) Mar 2017

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Dutch FC - Soutaro Kirihara

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Soutaro Kirihara
BEFC needed to show a strong reaction after the previous match and they did -- unfortunately for Dutch FC who found themselves on the end of a 9 - 1 hammering. Dutch's own performance so far this season hasn't been good, but this perception of difference was not to stop BEFC from playing 100%. BEFC...
13th (Mon) Feb 2017

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Albion Old Boys - Daniel Mendelssohn

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Daniel Mendelssohn
On a fantastic sunny morning BEFC's other team, who we can call Embassy FC, BEFC Wednesday, BEFC Stanley, BEFC Athletic or BEFC Albion came together to play a Friendly versus TML stalwarts Albion Old Boys at St. Mary's in Futako-Tamagawa. A team comprised of nearly everyone who didn't play the day...