BEFC announce Adecco new Nike team kit

  • BEFC x Adecco and Nike Japan new 2017 Team Kit

BEFC are proud to announce it's new team-wide strip in partnership with Adecco and provided by Nike Japan!

Already supporters of BEFC and the Adecco Most Valuable Player award, Adecco have now become the total club sponsor entering into a 3 year kit agreement with BEFC.

BEFC now boasting a TML Division 1 team, Ladies Team and new TML Division 3 team have been voting clubwide on the new look strip which BEFC will wear in all competitons up to 2020 -- just in time for the Tokyo Olympics!

Here's a look at the new uniform as voted over two rounds by the club members, brought to you by Adecco and provided by Nike. We discovered that red socks are very important...


BEFC x Adecco 2017 Uniform


BEFC are looking forward to more success with Adecco and Nike lining up in the new team strip for the September 2017 season. If you would like to see how the voting went down make sure you are logged in and read on!