Adecco BEFC Bonfim Ladies Futsal MVP – Yumi Kajino

  • Adecco BEFC Bonfim Ladies Futsal MVP – Yumi Kajino

BEFC Ladies (BELFC) took 3rd place in an indoor/outdoor futsal tournament on a very hot and sunny Sunday afternoon. The strong showing by the ladies was due to strong defender Yumi Kajino—who many of the team have started calling “Killer” based on her keen ability to shut down strikers. Kajino, a newcomer to futsal has quickly developed robust defensive skills and turned into an indispensable member of the team.

Sunday as BELFC played without a regular goalie, the rotating stand in goalies found much peace of mind as Kajino managed to sustain pressure on attackers, win/steal balls, and physically block goal shots with her body! With Kajino’s in defense forwards and midfielders could focus their efforts on offense. Resulting in multiple goals scored by Namiho Takeda and another by Mutsumi Nagamatsu.

For her top level defensive performance, Yumi Kajino is the Adecco BEFC MVP for the Bonfim Ladies Futsal Tournament