Adecco BEFC White MVP FCJ Charity 7s - Jaisal Shah

  • Adecco BEFC White MVP FCJ Charity 7s - Jaisal Shah

BEFC White entered the FCJ 7s Charity competition representing playerslooking to establish a second BEFC team in the TML 11s league. Having never played together as a team before, with different familiarities between players from various club activities it was going to be a tough call, against a majority of teams who all had been playing Charity 7s for a number of years.
Firstly they had to decide how to set up the team and who was taking on the various roles needed to compete.

Very early on Jaisal Shah established himself as BEFC's main scoring threat lashing a vicious long range strike from the right flank to open up his account. This continued with Shah acting as the counter attack outlet and striker regularly driving at defenders and finding space to create scoring opportunities with his striking prowess. While a number of players received plaudits in the MVP nominations the team decided MVP needed to go to a striker and none was more deserving than Jaisal Shah.
This makes Jaisal Shah the Adecco BEFC Team White MVP for the FCJ Charity 7s competition.