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19th (Tue) Sep 2017

Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Albion Old Boys - Mark Kuroda

Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player vs Albion OB - Mark Kuroda
BEFC Lions started their second game with a changed squad, rotating players around to reflect the more inclusive philosophy of their team. Against an older and slower opposition in Albion Old Boys, BEFC Lions were able to field their veteran players. The game started well, with the team taking...
10th (Sun) Sep 2017

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Hibernian - Akito Shimizu

Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player vs Hibernian - Akito Shimizu
BEFC finally got the challenge they wanted against the TML's number 1, and most successful team Hibernian. To become the best you have to play against the best, get out of the comfort zone and discover new targets that can raise your own game to the higher level. As expected it was a tough match...
08th (Fri) Sep 2017

Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Nepal FC - Jaisal Shah

Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Nepal FC - Jaisal Shah
As the BEFC Lions launched their first campaign as a TML Team, they gathered to face the pretty unknown threat of Nepal FC. Not withstanding this, they were equally ready and thirsty for a win, with their speed and strong keeping looking to show Lions what to expect from the Division 3. As BEFC...
04th (Mon) Sep 2017

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Panthers - Marco Alonso

Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player vs Panthers - Marco Alonso
BEFC kicked off their Division 1 campaign with an emphatic 6-0 win over Panthers. Despite having 3 debutants in the squad, it looked like the team that terrorised the opposition last season in Division 2. With a 6-0 scoreline, it was obvious that many players would get a mention for their...
18th (Tue) Jul 2017

New Team BEFC Lions entering TML15 Division 3

BEFC Charity 7s
With a large club membership and very competitive 11s team BEFC began working to create a new team for all the members looking to challenge in full sized competitive football matches. Over the year putting a plan in motion BEFC assembled it forces, soft testing fielding teams in friendlies and in...
13th (Thu) Jul 2017

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Club East Blue - Donald Freeke

Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player vs Club East Blue - Donald Freeke
On Sunday 9th July in the early hours of the morning a mix of the regular BEFC team and the new BEFC soon to enter TML Division 3 converged on Redsland in Saitama for a friendly with Club East Blue. The match kicked off at 9am but most of the players had started out about 6am in order to get to the...
08th (Sat) Jul 2017

BEFC announce Adecco new Nike team kit

BEFC x Adecco and Nike Japan new 2017 Team Kit
BEFC are proud to announce it's new team-wide strip in partnership with Adecco and provided by Nike Japan! Already supporters of BEFC and the Adecco Most Valuable Player award, Adecco have now become the total club sponsor entering into a 3 year kit agreement with BEFC. BEFC now boasting a TML...
01st (Sat) Jul 2017

BEFC Legend Keith Crowley hangs up his TML boots and gloves

BEFC - Keith Crowley retires from TML
Nobody knows from where Keith came, back in the annals of football matches past but he has been possibly the longest serving player in BEFC history. Part of the mighty 2007 BEFC Invincibles who won the TML Division 2 title without losing a match Keith steps away from the football field in this his...
01st (Sat) Jul 2017

BEFC crowned Tokyo Metropolis League Season 14 Division 2 Champions

BEFC TML 14 Division 2 Champions Tokyo Japan 2017
On June 24th 2017 the official Tokyo Metropolis League Season 14 came to conclusion and BEFC converged upon the evening TML Awards party to raise the trophy as Division 2 Champions , and Kentaro Takahashi to collect the Golden Boot. You can check out the photos on the BEFC at the TML End of Season...
30th (Fri) Jun 2017

Adecco BEFC MVP MIFA 3rd Anv. Ladies Cup - Satoko Izumi

Adecco BEFC MVP MIFA 3rd Anv. Ladies Cup - Satoko Izumi
BELFC participated in another ladies futsal tournament hosted by MIFA Football park on Sunday 25th June 2017. Pitch was wet from the rain in the morning but luckily the weather stayed cloudy during the competition. For the first few matches, BELFC was very unlucky to lose one goal from each game...
11th (Sun) Jun 2017

Adecco MOM BEFC vs El Diego - Ben Palmer

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Ben Palmer vs El Diego
In the last match of the season and sayonara game for two BEFC legends Cael Husband and Rafael Moyano, the BEFC's irregulars crushed an undermanned El Diego in blazing sun, a 'double rainbow' and possibly the fastest BEFC hat trick in memory. The build up to the final game became consistently...
01st (Thu) Jun 2017

Adecco BEFC White MVP FCJ Charity 7s - Jaisal Shah

Adecco BEFC White MVP FCJ Charity 7s - Jaisal Shah
BEFC White entered the FCJ 7s Charity competition representing playerslooking to establish a second BEFC team in the TML 11s league. Having never played together as a team before, with different familiarities between players from various club activities it was going to be a tough call, against a...
28th (Sun) May 2017

Adecco BEFC RED MVP FCJ Charity 7s - Tsukasa Katase

Adecco BEFC FCJ Charity 7s MVP – Tsukasa Katase
BEFC Red achieved 2nd place in the FCJ Charity 7s competition, and BEFC's highest finishing position in 7s since anyone there could remember. A strong squad but on a heroes performance, starting in the group of death and recovering to go on a revenge match spree all the way to final only to fall...
28th (Sun) May 2017

BEFC come 2nd in FCJ Charity 7s Competition 2017

British Embassy Football Club at FCJ's Charity 7s Competition 2017 in Yokohama, Japan
On March 27st, 2017 BEFC took part in the Footy Japan Competitions Charity 7s competition at YC&AC in Yamate, Yokohama. The tournament raises money for Refugees International Japan who fund projects for emergency situations, provides assistance to meet basic survival needs, supports pilot...
26th (Fri) May 2017

BEFC Ladies take part on the Bonfim Ladies Futsal Tournament!

BEFC Ladies at Bonfim Ladies 5 aside Futsal Tournament
On March 21st, 2017 BEFC Ladies (BELFC) took part in the Bonfim Ladies 5 aside Futsal Tournament at Bonfim Football Park in Ochiai Minami Nagasaki. The tournament consisted of six teams split into two groups who played 4 matches over the event. This was BELFC's third official outing as a team,...