BEFC crowned Tokyo Metropolis League Season 14 Division 2 Champions

  • BEFC TML 14 Division 2 Champions Tokyo Japan 2017

On June 24th 2017 the official Tokyo Metropolis League Season 14 came to conclusion and BEFC converged upon the evening TML Awards party to raise the trophy as Division 2 Champions, and Kentaro Takahashi to collect the Golden Boot.

You can check out the photos on the BEFC at the TML End of Season Awards Facebook album here >
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The last time BEFC has won a league title was in 2007 where the BEFC Invincibles went 13 games unbeaten with 11 wins and 2 draws to become Division 2 champions.
This time BEFC played more matches winning 16 and losing 2, to become Division 2 champions 10 years later.

With the final standings in we can see BEFC had won the Division with 4 games spare, with the nearest rival Zion FC a massive 11 points behind!
So how did we do?

Let's first check the final standings for prosperity.

TML14 Division 2 standings.

Not only did BEFC have the most wins, most points, best goal difference, goals for and goals against in Division 2, these were also the best stats across the league with the exception of goals against which went to division 1 champions Hibs who only conceded 12 at the end of their campaign.

To give BEFC's achievement even more perspective we looked back via the FootyJapanCompetitions website over the past 3 seasons to see which champions reigned supreme not only in Division 2 but across the league!

So how did we do?

TML seasons 12-14 D2 standings

Well the good news is we came out on top over previous champions in wins, goals for, goals against, goal difference and points! A total grandslam.
Although respect to the Kanto Celts in TML12 for an Invincibles season of their own!

So if that's the case how do BEFC stack up against all divisions over the last 3 seasons? If this was a great achievement let's see just how far it really goes....

TML League Champions standings 2015-2017 cross-division

Fantastic display from BEFC puts them effectively the best champions over the past 3 seasons across all divisions! Most wins, best goal difference and most points! Certainly lots of good achievements there from other Champions, and we gave Celts the edge over Real Celts for the Invincibles display.


  First Second Third
Most Wins BEFC (16)   Kanto Celts (15)   Real Celts (15) 
Most Goals Swiss Kickers (82)   BEFC (81)  Pumas (75)
Least Conceded  Hibernian (12)  Hibernian (18)  BEFC (19) & Real Celts (19) 
Most Points BEFC (48)  Hibernian (47)  Kanto Celts (46) & Real Celts (46) 


In a table of glory BEFC are the only team to feature in every category. Not just a scoring team, but a defensive beast too who don't do draws!
So even if other clubs are used to winning more often no one has in recent seasons done it to quite the same level. That puts BEFC up there and turns out the only team in TML History to have their name engraved on the trophy in time for the Award Ceremony --- that's how early BEFC sealed the Championship!

From the annals of history we can look at the success of the BEFC Invincibles, but it is one very hard to compare!
So we can save that for the great football BEFC debates.

Unstoppables win percentage of 88.9% and insane goal difference with 81 goals scored or Invincibles win percentage 84.9% but no games conceded and only 9 goals against? Was it the Invincibles of 2007 or the Unstoppables of 2017?
Maybe the only player to be in both campaigns the whole way, Takahiro Yoshida, can truly know!

BEFC Invincibles 2007 TML Standings

However until then or the next time, something this good only happens once in a decade!