New Team BEFC Lions entering TML15 Division 3

  • BEFC Charity 7s

With a large club membership and very competitive 11s team BEFC began working to create a new team for all the members looking to challenge in full sized competitive football matches.
Over the year putting a plan in motion BEFC assembled it forces, soft testing fielding teams in friendlies and in the TML Charity 7s and petitioned the Tokyo Metropolis League to accept them into Tokyo's premier international league's Division 3.

Putting on a strong display of capability and intent at the FCJ Charity 7s, followed by the exit of YC&AC from Division 3, the now named BEFC Lions are ready to add more silverware to the BEFC trophy cabinet. Led by Vernon Gill and Viran Pandya, supported by vice captains, Mark Kuroda and Kazushi Komastsu the BEFC Lions already have mustered a bigger player pool than their newly promoted Division 1 brothers BEFC.

BEFC Lions was formed to provide even more opportunity for BEFC Members to enjoy football at various levels. While the current squad is already looking strong, if you are interested in playing regular Division 1 or Division 3 eleven aside football in the Tokyo area it's a good time to get in touch.

We're looking forward to the inevitabale rise of BEFC's new team!