Adecco MOM BEFC vs Machida - Kentaro Takahashi

  • Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Kentaro Takahashi vs Machida FC

BEFC's previous friendlies against Machida FC hadn't really done them justice. Perhaps they were a little too friendly and experimential against a decent team who could easily play TML 2. This time justice had to be served as BEFC took down the league team. With the purpose to keep their Division 2 title challenge on track, keeping up their performance level between the league fixtures and working on the small aspects to improve play BEFC stormed to a very convincing 5 - 0 victory.
Taking on board the points to improve before kick off and at half time BEFC's game was smooth and noticeably improved in the areas that had been discussed much to the misfortune of Machida, who on the basis of previous games wondered if this was an April Fools Day joke on them. All BEFC players put in solid performances for their roles in the squad and the communication glowed around a buzzing team coordination as BEFC dominated a fiesty but thoroughly enjoyable match.

Amongst plenty of good performances one player got plenty of nods for not only a great performance but even greater than usual in his play. Kentaro Takahashi is already the goal scoring maestro at BEFC with skilful technique, quick and deft moves - hugely threatening to any defence. In this match however he upped his movement on and off the ball to the next level and that was picked up by all his team mates. Lots of quick passing, give and goes, all blended into the regular Takahashi threat and then really opened up the play and space for himself and team mates in the attack. New combinations emerged with different players joining the attacks, netting two goals himself and teeing up an assist for Kaz Fushimi that put the match to bed.

Everyone on the team was working to speed up their pass and move play, and it showed as new spaces and moves began to appear. However in addition to his usual top-end performance, Takahashi's work-rate, movement and quick play hugely contributed to this step up in quality happening across the attack. With the purpose of this match not just to win but to make the next moves in bettering BEFC's total team play, Kentaro Takahashi is the Adecco BEFC Man of the Match vs Machida FC.