Adecco BEFC MVP vs SUNS - Iñaki Zulaika

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs SUNS - Iñaki Zulaika

BEFC's opening match of TML16 is one that most players would like to forget. Hence length of time it has taken to glean any kind of MVP nominations and report. Simply in a highly combustible match up, tempers were high, discord abound and brought to the boil by reportedly antagonistic refereeing, which served only to bring the dissonance to the boil and descend the entire affair into abject chaos. That succintly sums it up - Not the best start to a season.

Among the strange coincidences in this match, the first time BEFC played SUNS was when SUNS were relegated from Division 1 and faced BEFC in the first fixture of the season. It resulted in a SUNS thrashing. This seemingly was turned on it's head, as it was BEFC coming down from Division 1 to face SUNS, and SUNS clearly saw this as a chance to gain some revenge with the desire and purpose to take the three points. Amongst the chaos reports surfaced that BEFC played badly, but weren't totally dismal. It was an uncharacteristic performance summed up by internal squabbling, a generally bad-blooded niggly match with refereeing that only escalated the problems. However it gave BEFC a lot to reflect on, not only their performance and collapse in team spirit but also how they should be conducting themselves as players on the field. Also a valuable lesson served that any relegated team from Division 1 is a prime target for all the other teams in Division 2. Just as BEFC did to SUNS and El Diego in TML14 playing the relegated teams is a way to test themselves against the higher division and a challenge to get up for! So for this season BEFC have to be expected that all teams will be coming up against them with some strong desire to score a win. And as we know from Cup upsets, that extra desire can be the difference.

Nevertheless, despite the trauma and hemorrhaging of team spirit a few notable MVP nominations surfaced from the pits of dispair. Among the names was BEFC stalwart Iñaki Zulaika, making his team return after a long lay off and he didn't disappoint. With renewed vigor (fitness), and the match intelligence he's always shown, Zulaika put in a strong and measured performance keeping above the sea of chaos to be voted the Adecco BEFC MVP against SUNS FC.