Adecco BEFC MVP vs JETRO - Kotaro Uwatsu

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs JETRO - Kotaro Uwatsu

Reeling from the opening loss to SUNS FC the hope of a strong reaction didn't quite go to plan as that strong reaction was delivered in the form of another straight sending off, leaving BEFC to play most of the match with only 10 men. Bizzarely the last time these two side played also resulted in a direct sending off, of the same player, and BEFC while going down 0 - 1 rallied at half time to eventually win 4 -1. Despite BEFC having plenty of chances to equalise and maybe even pull out a win, that wasn't going to be the story this time as BEFC suffered from more internal discord as newly installed coach Naoki Tanabe had a rather unfair baptism of fire on his debut.

However despite the doom and gloom, and the bubbling temperaments, Kotaro Uwatsu got down to business, calmly and purposeful going about his role in midfield, winning balls, spreading passes, working hard, never arguing with the ref and never complaining even when being brought on and off the bench as the players rotated. For solid performance, energy and strong character in a challenging match the Adecco BEFC MVP vs JETRO is Kotaru Uwatsu.