BEFC Christmas Party and Player Awards 2015

  • BEFC Christmas Party and Player Awards 2015
  • BEFC Christmas Party and Player Awards 2015 - Vamos Award
  • BEFC Christmas Party and Player Awards 2015 - Christmas Spread
  • BEFC Christmas Party and Player Awards 2015 - Drinks
  • BEFC Christmas Party and Player Awards 2015 - Party on!
  • BEFC Christmas Party and Player Awards 2015 - Christmas Cheers!

Full Christmas Party Photo Album on this link

Thanks to everyone who attended the party, and to Rich S and Julia who once more hosted the years biggest BEFC bash at their fine abode on the Embassy.
BEFC guests arrived to all receive a Santa Hat and warm up with a glass of hot mulled wine. Very quickly the BrewDog party beers were quaffed back with 5am Saint and Hoppy Christmas drunk dry before they barely left the cooler, the guests arrived, mingled and entertained with a BEFC compilation of finest moments projected onto the wall art installation style thanks to Caner's moviemaking prowess.

Soon it was time to eat and this year we pulled the stops out with Fernando and Rich organising a splendid feast of Christmas traditional joy. With 3 roast Turkeys, roasted potatoes, bacon wrapped sausages, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, red cabbage gravy, everyone was beaming and heartily tucking into the food. Then if that wasn't enough the second course of a fine British cheese selection, crackers, hummus, chutney and fruit was served. Finally a special culinary highlight of Inaki's own handmade Basque Chorizo sausages was served and absolutely delicious.

With everyone filled up and well lubricated it was time for the Captain's Awards followed by the BEFC Player Awards 2015 and Golden Boot.

This year the Manager's and Captain's awards were rolled into one and presented by Captain Ben and 'King' Jorge.

Captain's Awards

  • The Intergalatic Award - During futsal some players put the ball over the fence into the jungle, some have put it out of the compound, but some have put it into the gods!
    This award was hotly contested with a great effort from Viran who put it into a tree and only recovered thanks to a typhoon. However the Wednesday before the awards in the final hour Kaz Fushimi stepped up to power volley a ball not just over the new higher fencing and the trees but land the ball perfectly onto the spikes at the newly built wall at the back of the Embassy. As Kaz was unable to attend the award, we filmed his acceptance speech at futsal and played it to all gathered.
  • The British Bulldog Award - Jorge presented the award for ferocious tackling (within the rulebook of course) to Nils Simon for his super bossing and terrorising of any opposition who are silly enough to try and run down the right wing.
  • The Captain's Allstar Award - While this year many members have been getting involved and helping out the club Rich Sciver has been well above and beyond the call of duty helping organise the Friendly Cup, Christmas Party, managing Wednesday Futsal, repeatedly visiting Adidas in the saga of getting our new kit and of course procuring beer!
  • The Vamos Embassy Award - The Vamos or 'Come On Embassy!!!' award goes to the player who get most passionate and throw 100% of their effort into every match. A lot of BEFC players do this which is great, but two players stand out for their tirelessness and ramping it up a gear when the team needs an extra boost.... often heard either shouting 'Vamos Vamos!!' or 'COME ON EMBASSYY!!!' this award went to Shun Ishihara and Taka Yoshida.
  • The Marenco Fair Play Award - This new award upholds the principles of sportmanship and gentlemanly ettiquette, which Jorge tries very hard to match up to every game. While the pitch can be a place of language your mother would disapprove of, and disagreements best left for behind the school bikesheds. This year's Moctar Diouf and Cael Husband shines as an example of a true and proper chap, never losing their cool and delivering rebuttles wrapped in the smoothest tweed! How could any referee consider cautioning, let alone booking such gentlemen is beyond reproach! Cael Husband now winning the Marenco Fair Play Award and it's predessor the Gentleman's Queenbury Rules Award back to back.
  • The BEFC Fan Award - The award to BEFC's greatest supporter went to the significant other of Caner, Megumi Negishi who comes to cheer on the lads, capture our moments of glory on camera and laugh at Caner. BEFC show their appreciation of Meg coming out in the hot, cold and everything inbetween to support our matches.
  • The Magic Johnson Award - Jorge presented this award for unselfish play and clinical passing, going to BEFC veteran Kazushi Komatsu, who shows both virtues on the TML and Futsal pitch. His award was a rather huge basketball net which he then in the spirit of the award...donated to a worthy cause.

With the Captain Awards over, it was Golden Boot,  Futsal Player of the Year and TML Player of the Year award time! 
Earlier in the month an email went out to all members of BEFC to nominate their top 3 players for both TML and Futsal. The criteria was entirely what it meant to them. With all the nominations in they were calculated with a 1st equal to 1, 2nd equal to .5 and 3rd equal to .25.

Golden Boot
The 2015 Golden Boot went to Kentaro Takahashi with a total of 9 goals. 2nd place was Jorge Marenco with 7, and 3rd Kaz Fushimi with 3. This years contest for the boot went down almost to the final game with Jorge being denied by a fantastic saved by a King George keeper to stay level with Ken. Being unable to play the final game before the awards, Ken made sure of the boot slotted away a penalty vs Vagabonds. Ken well deserves the boot not just for the number of goals but also for some spectacular nature of the halfway line goal, two goals from direct corners, and the only BEFC hatrick of 2015. Also goals have been scored by 15 different BEFC players this season, showing we can score from all over the park and not just reliant on a single player.

Futsal Player of the Year

Futsal is now it's own activity within the club, this year BEFC Futsal teams entering competitions and winning the MIFA Cup (twice), 2nd in IAJ Cup and coming 3rd in the AMIA cup. The overall level of our futsal has skyrocketed in 2015 making the nominations tough!

  • Futsal Player of the Year - Jorge Marenco
  • Runner Up - Keith Crowley
  • Runner Up - Ben Palmer

BEFC TML Player of the Year Award

The original BEFC award for the TML Elevens team. The nominations were widespread but a clear winner emerged among a very tight fight for second.

  • BEFC Player of the Year - Ben Palmer
  • Runner Up - Jorge Marenco
  • Runner Up - Shun Ishihara

Congratulations to Ben who came second last year when he took over as Captain. With one season of captain under his belt he is obviously doing something right!
Congratulations to Jorge whose feared BEFC Spain team always wreaks havoc in the Friendly Cup, and appearances in the previous MIFA Cup.

Finally there was one last award based on our Adecco Man of the Match Awards! It was the Man of the Match 2015

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match 2015

Each match and competition the Captain, Manager and Vice Captains decide a Man of the Match, based on their own judgement and the opinions of the rest of the team who care to give them.
This award was eligible to any member who had been voted a Man of the Match, and up to the officiate to decide who deserved to be Adecco Man of the Match 2015.

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match 2015 - Kazushi Komatsu:
We think he epitomizes what's best about BEFC - Hard work, unselfishness, team player, commitment, understand what needs to be done, and turns up with clutch performances.

Runner Up - Inaki Zuilak - For the overall best MOM performance vs Pumas.
Runner Up - Ken Takahashi - For moments of spectacular skill, commitment, and having both TML MOM and Futsal MVP awards. 

With all the awards over, it was time for the BEFC Christmas Quiz, this year hosted by quiz master Jorge, bringing us the 'what happened next round' and making famous 'Marco's lips'.
A hilarious, madcap quiz that kept everyone buzzing! A fantastic Christmas party to remember.