News - Most Valuable Player

28th (Thu) May 2015

FootyJapan Charity 7s MVP - Rich Sciver

MVP BEFC FJC Sevens - Rich Sciver
BEFC's performance at the Charity 7's wasn't our finest. Could be described as BEFC vintage as it took to the last game for everyone to gel. However the man who was everywhere, in defence preventing goals and in attack scoring them is our top scorer Rich Sciver and the BEFC FJC Charity 7's MVP!
17th (Sun) May 2015

MOM BEFC vs Jets - Taka Yoshida

BEFC vs Jets - MOM Taka Yoshida
A great show of character as BEFC stuck to their guns and came from behind to defeat Jets. Taka has been on fire recently and in this match not only did he shut down attacks and their midfield from right back, but continued to explode forward and menace their defence. Always calling for the ball,...
27th (Mon) Apr 2015

MOM BEFC vs Dutch - James Pounder

MOM - BEFC vs Dutch FC - James Pounder
Well stap me vitals! First consecutive MOM awards goes to James Pounder. The MOM award was tricky for a match in which it was felt no one really stood out by their own standards for an exceptional performance. However Pounder was putting in a massive shift trying to hold down the midfield, launch...
15th (Wed) Apr 2015

MOM BEFC vs Lions - James Pounder

BEFC vs Lions MOM - James Pounder
A tough match, with the full scale midfield battle/hackathon it was predicted to be! BEFC's Royal Airforce of James Pounder kept the skies red and blue, swooping down to destroy rampaging Lions coming through the midfield. Also with the important equalising goal, a deft header at the back post,...
29th (Sun) Mar 2015

MOM - BEFC vs Imperio - Kentaro Takahashi

MOM - BEFC vs Imperio - Kentaro Takahashi
This match everyone played great with many unsung heroes. However there can be only one MOM and in this match the most important thing was to get the opening goal. With the most outrageous halfway line lob from half time kick off, the BEFC MOM is - Kentaro Takahashi! There were a lot of plaudits...
15th (Sun) Mar 2015


Theo Hayes - BEFC's MIFA Embassy Cup MVP
All round fantastic goalkeeping and of course the amazing save with his face versus Spain - Theo Hayes is voted BEFC England's MVP for the MIFA Futsal Competition. With tight victories in the group stages where even the slightest blip or lucky longshot could change the game, a shield of steel...
08th (Sun) Mar 2015

MOM BEFC vs Celts - Richard Sciver

MOM - BEFC vs Kanto Celts - Richard Sciver
The BEFC Man of the Match Award versus the Kanto Celts goes to Richard Sciver for resolute defending, controlling play and dashing forrays into attack from left back. For the team with only 11 players until half time, and our new goalkeeper having to cover playing outfield it was a good performance...
22nd (Sun) Feb 2015

MOM - BEFC vs King George - Kentaro Takahashi

MOM - BEFC vs King George FC - Kentaro Takahashi
Since I've played for BEFC (which admittedly isn't that long), I have never witnessed a hatrick (+1 strangely disallowed, would have been 4). And that in itself earns Ken the BEFC Man of the Match award. We already expected Ken to have an impact for us, especially teaming up with Moctar and Jorge...
08th (Sun) Feb 2015

MOM - BEFC vs Dutch FC - Takanori Nakayama

MOM - BEFC vs Dutch FC - Takanori Nakayama
The game notes read 'Give the ball to Takanori, he's a genius', and Takanori certainly showed why. His control, pin point passing, ability to dictate the play and magical goals out of nowhere earns Takanori the BEFC Man of the Match against the Dutch. However it was a very close decision, as it was...
02nd (Mon) Feb 2015

MOM - BEFC vs Syu Syu Aoyama - Tatsuya Nagae

BEFC MOM - Tatsuya Nagae
Tatsu has been waiting a long time for the opportunity to play at striker and he certainly made an impact. His early shots on goal were the sort that the TML keepers we're used wouldn't have stopped. A lot of credit to the Syu Syu Aoyama keeper who got himself down to the bottom corner of each side...
25th (Sun) Jan 2015

MOM - BEFC vs Lions - Kazushi Komatsu

BEFC MOM - Kazushi Komatsu
The victory over the Lions wasn't pretty; except for the inspired run by Kaz starting at right back, exchanging passes and finishing up with a pass to Torsten in the Lion's goal mouth. This set up a long, intense, ground out win. BEFC's overall performance on the ball was lax and somewhat careless...
21st (Wed) Jan 2015

MOM - BEFC vs King George - Moctar Diouf

BEFC MOM - Moctar Diouf
Returning in back to back games against King George, Moctar continued to traumatise King George's defence with slick skills, speed and power, getting his second goal for BEFC in as many games. Not only was he terrorising defenders but in stand out entertaining fashion. A favourite tale from the...
14th (Sun) Dec 2014

MOM - BEFC vs King George - Jorge Marenco

BEFC MOM - Jorge Marenco (King Jorge)
Inspired by Teresa's special paella, there was only one King Jorge vs King George, and that was Jorge Marenco. Serving up two sublime goals at the start of each half, Jorge battled all over the left midfield giving the other Georges no chance to attack down the flanks. A complete performance and...
23rd (Sun) Nov 2014

MOM BEFC vs Pumas - James Pounder

MOM - BEFC vs Pumas - James Pounder
The BEFC Man of the Match Award versus Pumas FC goes to Pounder, for some extreme defensive bossing at the back. BEFC lost by one goal, but could have been more without James dominating and shutting a fast young team. An honorable mention goes to Rich Sciver, who added a solid and commanding...
17th (Mon) Nov 2014

BEFC vs Celts MOM - Shun Ishihara

MOM - BEFC vs Kanto Celts - Shun Ishihara
The BEFC Man of the Match Award versus the Kanto Celts goes to Shun Ishihara for constant bossing, all round top class play and driving runs through midfield. Again the MOM for this game was very difficult to decide as the whole team play well against a high quality opposition who are likely to...