Shinenkai Champagne Sunday Brunch

Sun. Jan 22

In September the British Embassy Football Club (BEFC) decided to form a ladies team. It was a bit of a slow start, but we have consistently had 10-15 for our bi-weekly scrimmages. In January we continue this momentum by increasing our sessions to every Thursday, hosting a friendly match with a local ladies team the last session in January, and a Shinenkai Champagne Sunday Brunch!

Hope you can join for this all-you-can-eat champagne brunch buffet. Fresh baked breads, rolls and croissants complement an array of traditional and international favorites like Belgian waffles, omelets made-to-order and carved beef. Salad bar, fresh sushi bar, great seafood station, multiple entrées, cooking and carving, pies, cakes and pastries top off the exciting assortment of delicious dishes available. Reservations are held for 20 minutes. (Dining Time Policy – 90 minutes maximum.) Brunch fee is $25.95 (payable in JPY in cash or credit card).