MIFA Embassy Cup 2019

Saturday, November 16, 2019

*Open only to futsal and ladies members*

MIFA Embassy Cup 2019

We plan to ideally take one competitive team and possibly a second less competitive team depending on interest. If you have a preference for one team over the other, please note it in the comments. Seth will be away so a captain TBD will be setting the lineup(s)/team(s).

PLAYERS: 5 players minimum (including the GK), plus a few subs

Extra kit will be brought for players who do not have their personal kit. For those without kit, please bring Shinpads and shoes!
Usual 1,500 yen player fee applies.

SCHEDULE: Meeting Time 11 AM (please arrive on time so we can collect payment and warm up)
                      Tournament 12 PM ~ 3PM
                      After Party 3:45 PM ~ 6 PM

1st Place - 100,000 yen JTB travel coupons
2nd Place - 50,000 yen JTB travel coupons
3rd Place - 30,000 yen JTB travel coupons
MVP/MIP - 30,000 yen JTB travel coupons
Participation gift for all players

AFTER PARTY: FREE beer, drinks, pizza, food