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11th (Mon) Apr 2016

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Pumas FC - Nils Simon

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Nils Simon
In a match where BEFC dominated most of the game, despite the final result, this superb team performance was going to make Man of the Match a tough decision! After going behind to a counter attack, BEFC's intense play overwhelmed the opposition who didn't look like the high scoring, free-wheeling...
03rd (Sun) Apr 2016

BEFC parties at the BrewDog Roppongi Bar's 2 year anniversary

BEFC @ Roppongi BrewDog Bar
On February 26th BEFC's monthly social fortuitously fell on the 2 year anniversary party of their rock n' roll craft beer sponsor BrewDog Roppongi Bar. Donning their extremely well tailored and dashing BEFC shirts, the club members took over the back of BrewDog Roppongi to enjoy the excellent...
30th (Wed) Mar 2016

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Dutch FC - Ben Palmer

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Ben Palmer
Back to the league, back to business and back to clean sheets for BEFC in the TML, with a solid, albeit disjointed win over Dutch FC. Early gelling failed to stick and quickly the Dutch found space and time to stroke the ball around the back and middle before releasing balls forward to their...
14th (Mon) Mar 2016

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Clash - Ewan Walton

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Ewan Walton
With a slightly irregular line up, the match vs Clash was as anticipated a fiesty physical match against a big team with a lot of height. The danger was always going to come from the air, which it inevitably did. However despite the height advantage one man ruled the skies, and that was Ewan Walton...
07th (Mon) Mar 2016

Adecco MOM BEFC vs King George - Rafael Moyano

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Rafael Moyano
Victory over King George was a very strong, followed by a somewhat wobbly performace from BEFC. One player who remained solid, consistent and inspiring confidence on the pitch was Rafael Moyano. Back in action for BEFC, Rafa took over the center back role as Cael Husband honorably took one for the...
23rd (Tue) Feb 2016

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Lions - Ewan Walton

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Ewan Walton
First of all a BEFC Award for everyone who turned up to play in such horrible conditions. The gloomy, freezing wet rain signalled a match in which nothing wanted to go our way. Whether it was early chances, decisions, offsides, disallowed goals the small things all add up. And it's in these...
08th (Mon) Feb 2016

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Fussa FC - Kaz Fushimi

Adecco BEFC Man of the Match Award - Kaz Fushimi
In BEFC's triumphant payback match over Fussa, the decision on the man of the match was once again a tough one. With everyone playing at a high level, filling specific roles and putting in big team performances there were no single stand out players and a lot of nomination in the post-match...
02nd (Tue) Feb 2016

Adecco MOM BEFC vs Zion FC - Arjun Bapat

With another cracking BEFC team display to vanquish Zion FC 1 - 0 in the dying minutes of the game the MOM award was debated in depth over a celebratory jug of victory beer. The match was truly intense and the number of MOM nominations put forward just showed the level of performance being put out...