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25th (Sun) Jan 2015

MOM - BEFC vs Lions - Kazushi Komatsu

BEFC MOM - Kazushi Komatsu
The victory over the Lions wasn't pretty; except for the inspired run by Kaz starting at right back, exchanging passes and finishing up with a pass to Torsten in the Lion's goal mouth. This set up a long, intense, ground out win. BEFC's overall performance on the ball was lax and somewhat careless...
24th (Sat) Jan 2015

FJ Plate - BEFC 4 - 0 King George

British Embassy Football Club 4 - 0 King George Horisaki Koen Saitama
There was suspicion of a BEFC and King George conspiracy love-in, as a dark knight returned thrice to do battle at the George’s home ground in deep dimly lit Saitama - this time in the FootyJapan Plate. This was the third meeting between the two sides this season (the first called off halfway due...
21st (Wed) Jan 2015

MOM - BEFC vs King George - Moctar Diouf

BEFC MOM - Moctar Diouf
Returning in back to back games against King George, Moctar continued to traumatise King George's defence with slick skills, speed and power, getting his second goal for BEFC in as many games. Not only was he terrorising defenders but in stand out entertaining fashion. A favourite tale from the...
12th (Mon) Jan 2015

BEFC tries out FootGolf

BEFC FootGolf - Kicks Off
With both Football and Golf great British sports, it was only a matter of time before someone combined the two and created what is known as Footgolf! Who started Footgolf is unclear but the first organised tournament began in the Netherlands in 2008 and was played by Dutch and Belgian footballers...
01st (Thu) Jan 2015

TML 12 - BEFC 4 - 0 King George

It was a bit of a case of King George & The Dragon on Saturday between the British Embassy FC and the real King George. The two produced a real banquet of football, and on a cool knight the dark horses British Embassy FC rode off with 3 points and some restored pride. Apart from goalkeeper...
17th (Wed) Dec 2014

New BEFC Member - Cristiano Ronaldo's Colleague

BEFC - Moctar and Ronaldo
When not scoring miracle goals for BEFC, new member Moctar Diouf is also helping out colleague Cristiano Ronaldo shape up his winning smile. Here and especially the Hong Kong subway stations, Ronaldo can be seen with Moctar promoting an innovative new device, 'Facial Fitness PAO', designed to tone...
14th (Sun) Dec 2014

MOM - BEFC vs King George - Jorge Marenco

BEFC MOM - Jorge Marenco (King Jorge)
Inspired by Teresa's special paella, there was only one King Jorge vs King George, and that was Jorge Marenco. Serving up two sublime goals at the start of each half, Jorge battled all over the left midfield giving the other Georges no chance to attack down the flanks. A complete performance and...
11th (Thu) Dec 2014

BEFC Player of the Year 2014 - Ewan Walton

BEFC Player of the Year 2014 - Ewan Walton
Congratulations to Ewan, vice-captain, treasurer and now BEFC Player of the Year! Much to the surprise of his wife who came to realise that Ewan is actually pretty good at football. For full coverage of the BEFC Awards, follow this link to the Awards Party report . Or here's a quick summary: BEFC...
11th (Thu) Dec 2014

Football Remembers: BEFC marks centenary of 1914 Christmas Truce

BEFC Football Remembers - Tokyo Official
Football Remembers commemorates the centenary of one of the most iconic moments of the First World War - the 1914 Christmas Truce football match. All over the UK and the rest of the world professional and amateur teams staged events and took special commemorative photos preceding their matches. In...
06th (Sat) Dec 2014

BEFC Christmas Party and Player Awards 2014

BEFC Christmas Party 2014
High Quality Christmas Party Photos on this link Thanks to everyone who attended the party, and to Rich S and Julia who allowed BEFC to hold the party at their fine abode at the Embassy. BEFC guests arrived to all receive a Santa Hat, balloon and opening glass of sparkly wine. Also we started a bit...
23rd (Sun) Nov 2014

MOM BEFC vs Pumas - James Pounder

MOM - BEFC vs Pumas - James Pounder
The BEFC Man of the Match Award versus Pumas FC goes to Pounder, for some extreme defensive bossing at the back. BEFC lost by one goal, but could have been more without James dominating and shutting a fast young team. An honorable mention goes to Rich Sciver, who added a solid and commanding...
17th (Mon) Nov 2014

BEFC vs Celts MOM - Shun Ishihara

MOM - BEFC vs Kanto Celts - Shun Ishihara
The BEFC Man of the Match Award versus the Kanto Celts goes to Shun Ishihara for constant bossing, all round top class play and driving runs through midfield. Again the MOM for this game was very difficult to decide as the whole team play well against a high quality opposition who are likely to...
10th (Mon) Nov 2014

NSK Club 11s Friendlies

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the first NSK 11s Friendlies. It was great success and we look forward to repeating the event in the future. The BEFC TML team lined up against a mix of BEFC futsal, NSK and guests to a slow start testing out the 4-2-3-1 on a smaller field than usual before...
02nd (Sun) Nov 2014

BEFC vs Sala MOM - Rafael Moyano

BEFC vs Sala FC - Man of the Match Rafael Moyano
The BEFC Man of the Match Award versus Sala FC goes to Rafa Moyano for exquisite and heroic defending - fighting out the vital final 10 minutes against his leg injury too. The MOM for this game was very difficult to decide as the whole team raised their game against a quality opposition in an...
25th (Sat) Oct 2014

BEFC on Paypal

One of BEFC's General Meeting Actions was to make it easier for members to pay for things. We all agreed that bank transfer is a hassle, and for some members who don't use Japanese banking the only alternative is to pay cash in person. So finally we have BEFC authorised on Paypal to Send/Receive...