TML Cup - Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs King George FC - Seth Reisner

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs King George - Seth Reisner

BEFC Lions started this season’s Cup campaign against their favourite rival, King George FC.

BEFC Lions had never lost against King George in the league, and went into this game with high expectations, although the squad was considerably depleted and the team introduced a lot of debutants.

BEFC Lions called upon beloved squad member, Daniel Mendelssohn, who not only made a special appearance, but also brought with him the talented goalkeeper, Seiichiro Ishikawa. In addition, we were able to call upon our most famous supermodel friend, Moctar Diouf, who loves scoring worldies against King George. Finally, we debuted Brian Ooka in centre midfield.

Captain Viran delivered a rousing speech before the game, with the select quote probably being “I don’t care if we win or lose.” This was just as well, as the team went into the second half 1-0 down after a defensive lapse saw them concede from open play.

The half-time speech was just as inspiring, with comments such as “Nobody wants to be in the Cup anyway” and “It’s all about the Plate”.

Hoping to go out in a blaze of glory with a penalty shoot-out, the BEFC Lions tried to score but were simply unable to get that decisive touch. Charles hit the crossbar from distance, Moctar was unable to conjure his usual magic, and Viran received a yellow card after attempting to close down the keeper on a loose backpass, with something that was exaggeratedly described as a “Goldberg Spear”.

Alas, the game ended 1-0, and the BEFC Lions were out of the Cup. King George were delighted with their first ever win against the Lions, although not as happy to not be in the Plate.

With the attack stuttering throughout the game, plaudits must go to the defence. Masa continues to be in excellent form, Ben Knott continues to provide good leadership from the back, and Seiichiro is a welcome new member to the squad with his reliable, safe hands.

However, for his solid performance as full-back and linking the defence with the midfield throughout the game, the Adecco MVP for this game is Seth Reisner.