Adecco MVP BEFC vs Tokyo Banana - Kate Gilmartin

  • Adecco MVP BEFC vs Tokyo Banana - Kate Gilmartin

BEFC combined the forces of Embassy FC, Lions and Ladies, (perhaps like the Power Rangers) forming the mighty BEFC Utd to take on Tokyo Banana on a cold waterlogged November morning. The wet conditions didn't lend itself to free flowing football but this didn't stop BEFC Utd turning early pressure into a smooth opening goal finished by Oshima. BEFC continued to rotate the bench every 10 minutes to keep everyone warm and while this might have been disruptive the players from three team gelled seamlessly and allowed BEFC to go two up as Okamoto was able to finish at (very) close range.

As the weather turned the pitch even more into a swamp Tokyo Banana were able to strike back with three sucessive goals. However this was caused more by a BEFC mistake and two superbly assisted by the conditions as the ball convenient stopped dead in a puddle to the benefit of Tokyo Banana.

In the final quarter BEFC Utd rallied and turned up the intensity for Palmer (enjoying getting warm from spending the rest of the match in goal) chesting in a whipped in cross from Shah to finish the match all square at 3 -3.

After the match the MVP nominations were discussed over a warming bowl of 'chige' and while it was felt that an MVP was deserved by each member of their respective team - for the Adecco BEFC MVP there can be only One!

However it was decided that each team's player should earn an MVP and from them the overall MVP decided.

For Embassy FC everyone agreed Kentaro Ogawa was a total beast as the back-bone of defence, often having to cover both sides of the pitch to shut down Tokyo Banana attacks as well as make crucial interceptions and cut outs while managing a threatening center forwarded at number 9.

Lions gave the plaudits to Richard Quinn for his disciplined play, strong communication and continuation of his great distribution which had already gained plaudits in Lions' match vs JETRO.

For the Ladies it was Kate Gilmartin, who showed no concern for the size and physical difference in playing a senior men's side, and repeatedly made key challenges and blocks in defence, as well as neat short passing to get the ball out of trouble.

When it came to decide the overall Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player it was an earlier player comment that sealed it. It was simpy said that a video of Gilmartin playing should be taken and shown to less physical players as an example of how to challenge and get stuck in properly in 11s football. And for that Kate Gilmartin is the Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Players versus Tokyo Banana.