Adecco MVP BEFC vs Swiss Kickers - Ririo Bato

  • Adecco MVP BEFC vs Swiss Kickers - Ririo Bato

BEFC needed a win against Swiss Kickers to keep their Division 1 hopes alive and headed to their least favourite pitch in Soga.

BEFC started the match understandably nervous due to the importance of this game and conceded two 'silly' goals within 15 minutes which made the task even hearder. BEFC came back strongly and could have scored a couple of goals but were denied by the post. The turning point could have been two minutes before the half time whistle when Swiss Kickers' striker blatantly elbowed a BEFC player in front of the referee. Red card was the only possible outcome but inexplicably was only showed yellow.

BEFC decided to go all attack in the second half and this approach brought yet another wonder goal by Kentaro Takahashi. BEFC tried everything in order to score two more goals but the football gods did not favour them and two more shots hit the crossbar.

Ririo Bato was the definite MVP for this game. He played in a familiar wide position and created most of BEFC goal scoring opportunities. A combination of speed, ability and silky footwear, Ririo was a constant threat and a head ache for Swiss Kickers defenders who didn't know how to stop them.