Adecco MVP BEFC vs Sala - Kenta Nagasawa

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs Sala FC - Kenta Nagasawa

The last game of the season was the big showdown with arch rival Sala Fc for the title of Division 2 Championships. Sadly it didn't go BEFC's way and we won't dwell in that too much.
Sala are BEFC's nemesis, it was an intense and enthralling game and we respect Sala are a very good side. However we prefer it when we beat them!

Despite a strong squad, on the day BEFC just didn't perform as well as they could, seemingly lacking confidence on the ball and resorting to long balling it and losing possession. Sala were able to capitalise on long-balls themselves as BEFC transitioned from defence into attack but losing possession immediately and being countered on before the defence could reposition. Sala have a very potent offence, best in the division and top scorer in the division and BEFC did not handle their key threats. Especially Fuyuki Nakatani, who was singled out to be man-marked managed to save up his BEFC punishment quota for a vital hat-trick. It's always him!!! The joke continues. BEFC did get their chances, but were not as clinical, although with some great stops from the Sala keeper. A different day, and one of the BEFC chances goes in the net, it would have become a very different game. But when two closely matched teams play, that is the small differences that decide the final outcome!

However a good beating leads to learning more about your game, the team and how to improve. What has been noticed over the seasons with BEFC's mentality is that if BEFC feel they have a weaker position that the opposition the team pulls hard together and the performance is good. However when BEFC feel they have a strong squad and should have advantage the focus and attention to teamplay isn't there. The battering in the first half of the TML Cup against Pumas is a perfect example when compared against the perfect performance against BFC in the semi-final to get there. 

The first match against Sala, in which BEFC won and dominated came with intense effort, great teamwork and executing a very specific gameplan. This time it didn't happen and it shows just how much you need in the TML against top teams to get the wins. It's fine margins, and a bad day on the pitch is enough to get run over. What however is important is how BEFC learn from this and learn to be effective against D1 tier sides. This also means keeping composure and trying to play controlled football under greater pressure. There will be plenty of that to make us a better side in D1 next season! We won promotion and it's kind of good that no one feels that just promotion is good enough. We should be proud of that, because we want to be number 1. Yeah... promotion, not so important. Playing the best football we can is.

And on that note, on the day the best football was clearly on show from BEFC's Kenta Nagasawa. Slotted into right back he had the heroes task of stopping the divison's top scorer Shunsuke Nakatani wreaking havic down the left wing. Nagasawa didn't disappoint and despite Sala constantly trying to find space and create threat down the flank Nagasawa mostly came out on top of every battle with Nakatani. At the other end of the pitch, especially when BEFC had to push players forward to search for goals, it was Nagasawa making plenty of problem down the right. His movement and ability to go past defenders opened up chances for BEFC to try and claw something back, and his efforts were relentless to the final whistle. Despite an disappointing result for BEFC, it was a great show of football from Kent Nagasawa which is why he is the Adecco BEFC MVP versus Sala FC.