Adecco MVP BEFC Shibuya Smile 8 - Akiko Yoshizawa

  • Adecco MVP BEFC Shibuya Smile 8 - Akiko Yoshizawa

BEFC Ladies together with 6 guest players from outside of the club took part in the Tokyu Ladies Soccer Smile 8 Cup hosted by Shibuya-ku. This is the same tournament that BELFC made their debut as a team earlier this year.

This time BEFC Ladies was chosen to represent all the participating teams by making a fair play oath and receiving gifts from Tokyu group. Kate Gilmartin represented the team and made a sportsmanship pledge to the Shibuya-ku mayor.

As it was 8on8 game, the pitch was bigger and the match time was longer than usual futsal, however, BEFC Ladies played all the four matches at a very high standard with amazing performances. Playing against the teams in Tokyo Ladies Football League, BELFC and guest players showed wonderful teamwork and tactics throughout their games.

In their first game of the tournament against Shibuya Smile Friends, BELFC were quick off the mark and with great passing in the midfield that enabled the team to get a lot of chances. The team controlled the game and whittled down the opposition until guest player Kaori Miura finally hit the back of the net ending the game 1-0.

The opposition for the second game was FC Machida Zelvia Ladies. The professional team was ruthless with their continued attacks and showed their prowess on the field. While BELFC played well, it was Zelvia who won the game in the end.

In the match against Intercept, a 4th division team, BEFC Ladies were determined to show their skill. BELFC’s defense was impenetrable and controlled the game. While BELFC were unlucky with chances up-close, Yoshizawa took a chance with a big kick from midfield. That chance went over the goalkeeper and into the back of the net to grab BELFC the victory.

The final game was against Artemis, a 2nd Division team. BELFC understood the challenge of the game and showed excellent teamwork. In a physical game that went back and forth neither team was able to find the net. While the game ended in a 0-0 draw, BELFC played exceptional and were unlucky in not being able to claim a goal.

Throughout the tournament one player stood out on the pitch and it was Akiko in the central midfield. She enabled the team to set the pace and control the games that she played in. Enabling the forwards to get their chances and scoring a fantastic goal against 4th division team, Intercept.

Akiko Yoshizawa is our Adecco MVP for the Tokyu Ladies Soccer Smile 8 Cup.