Adecco MVP BEFC Sfida Ladies Cup - Teresa Iniesta

  • Adecco MVP BEFC Sfida Ladies Cup - Teresa Iniesta

BEFC Ladies took part in Sfida Ladies Cup hosted by FC Tokyo Fuchu on 20 August. The team challenged itself by joining mid-level ladies tournament this time as it was the farewell game for our teammate, Isobel Jasper. Overall the team discovered a lot from this tournament, which will help us improve our positioning and a focus on our basics.

During the tournament, there were several chances but BEFC remained unlucky with no goals for few a games until Kate Gilmartin scored the first goal with a nice finish from a rebound of an earlier attempt. 

Namiho Takeda was lucky to score another goal from the touch line at the side in the end of the final match. 

Throughout the tournament, Teresa Iniesta, who had just came back to the field after a long break due to injury, performed a number of great saves and also led the team from the back. Having strong and reliable defenders, Iniesta as a GK and Jasper as a center DF meant that the forwards could focus on playing their roles upfront. For her fighting spirit that always motivate team and her excellent performances throughout the tournament, Teresa Iniesta is the Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player for the Sfida Ladies Cup.