Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Saitama Jets - Jeremy Joyce

  • Jeremy Joyce Adecco MVP

Lions went to play in the distant Redlands against Jets, going down early to a fast wondergoal, but catching up and moving ahead with great goals by Jeremy and Goran. The team was constantly pressing and winning most challenges against the physical Jets.

Unfortunately, Lions were a bit too greedy and despite controlling the game with Jeremy and new player Rishi fighting in midfield and Goran creating danger up front, were caught in an unlucky counter leading to the draw. After the game it was agreed that some great link-ups from the wings generated danger, and that the team was starting to look very solid.

A special mention goes to Goran, who scored a wondergoal after a calm turn and shot from outside the box to beat the goalkeeper; this is Goran's first goal after hitting the post more times than we can count last season, finally breaking the curse and hopefully marking the start of a goalscoring frenzy.

A great strong performance in the last third of the pitch, a good goal and a show of wanting to win, for that our Lions Adecco MVP for this game is Jeremy Joyce!