Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Sagarmatha FC - Kazushi Komatsu

  • Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player vs FC Sagarmatha- Kazushi Komatsu

BEFC Lions headed out to YCAC last weekend knowing a it was a tough match ahead against one of the top teams in Div 3, Sagarmatha. With an end-result that does not reflect the flow of the game, Lions suffered from set-pieces as a new team getting used to defending them does.

Most of the goals scored by Sagarmatha came from set pieces, whether it was the unlucky corner, or the spectacular free kick, Lions fought hard and created several chances, but Lady Luck was not on their side this weekend. A cross from Tetsu that ended up being smashed twice on the crossbar in a single play, and several highly questionable off-sides ruled when front man Charles and AM Goran were 1-on-1 vs the opposition goalie left the Lions frustrated. In what was a game of back and forths, the only difference between the teams was the set-piece factor. Despite MVP candidate goalkeeper Dan's heroics, (including some picture worthy top corner saves!) it was eventually through a corner that Sagarmatha opened the score. The remaining goals would come in similar fashion, and a bit of luck on Sagarmatha's side.

Despite the bulky scoreline, the midfield seemed a secure place with Mark and Goran enjoying some good backheel passing and strong defending, and with Charles doing his usual steamrolling of the defense. On the side old boy- new player Tetsu impressed with his increasingly active participation in the game, including some great runs that drove their left back crazy. However the display of passing and calmness, as well as a 'don't give up attitude' ensured that VC Kaz Komatsu was elected Adecco MVP. Given the freedom to pass and move as Masa pushed his line, and right-back Jojo continued his take-no-prisoners game play and defended, Kaz displayed the calmness and determination that we like to see in the midfield, often setting up through balls and fighting with the runners to prevent any shot outside of the box during open play.