Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Nepal FC - Reece Farrugia

  • Reece Farrugia MVP vs Nepal United

For the first game of BEFC Lions second season, they faced Nepal FC.

This was BEFC’s first game in their debut season, where they drew 3-3 after a number of goalkeeping errors allowed a weak Nepal to equalize. In the second leg, a new-look Nepal team held BEFC Lions to another 3-3 draw, but both sides had improved drastically since that first game. BEFC Lions went into this game determined to finally get a win!

The first 30 minutes saw a very even, war of attrition where both sides probed at each other. BEFC Lions were going for it.

The Lions were let down by some questionable refereeing, which led to Nepal going 1-0 up and capitalizing on the dejected squad by making it 2-0 in 2 minutes. Viran had a chance to score shortly after, but his 1-1 shot on goal was saved by the goalie.

The difference in fitness between the two teams started to show in the second half, with only debutant Max Rayss showing invulnerability to fatigue. With fellow debutant Ben Knott in defence, both played extremely well, but the BEFC Lions were unable to keep up with the fitness of the young Japanese players and the game ended 4-0.

This was (possibly) the last game for Reece Farrugia, who has been with the Lions since its inception, and is actually the player with the most appearances since we joined the league. Always willing to improve his game, as well as get injured for the team, this game also saw him scream “My Toe!!” The team went for dinner after the game, and we all wish him the very best back in the UK where he aims to train as a teacher.

Reece leaves Japan as the Adecco MVP for this match!