Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Nepal FC - Jaisal Shah

  • Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Nepal FC - Jaisal Shah

For their penultimate game of the season, BEFC Lions faced their first ever opponents, Nepal FC.

The first leg ended 3-3, with two goals from Jaisal and one from Viran being squandered by some extremely unfortunate goalkeeping.

With the team coming a long way across the season, BEFC Lions were ready to smash Nepal FC. Their team had requested 2 changes to the fixture, and wanting to face a full-strength Nepal team, BEFC Lions obliged.

Eventually, it became clear that the fixture changes were for the availability of some ringers. The Nepal FC team we first faced had a very different line-up to this team. The heavy rain could not disguise this.

Lions started well, with the front 3 of Ririo, Charles and Viran attacking early and often. A fierce shot from Charles was parried by the keeper with Viran reacting fastest to get the ball and slot it coolly through the keeper’s legs.

The first half saw two penalty kicks. The first, won by Ririo, and taken by Jaisal, was saved by the keeper. The second PK was given to Nepal, and was wonderfully saved by Goran.

Towards the end of the first half, despite some good saves, Nepal managed to change the momentum of the game through their control of the midfield, and went into half-time with an equalizer.

The second half saw the Lions go 3-1 down, with a freak goal bouncing off the crossbar and somehow into the goal, and another goal conceded from poor defending despite valiant efforts from Tim to command the defence and drive the team forward.

Ririo and Jaisal combined well up front to score a goal each to ensure that BEFC Lions left with a point.

This was actually Jaisal’s last game, and his goal and assist helped ensure that he leaves Japan as the Adecco MVP for this match.

We wish him well with his studies in the US.