Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Clash FC - Daniel Mendelssohn

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs Clash FC - Daniel Mendelssohn

BEFC Lions felt confident going into this game as they had beaten Clash FC multiple times in the past, and Clash FC has spent much of this season at the bottom of the table.
On a rainy Sunday, the Lions turned up to the pitch to see a load of unfamiliar faces in the opposition. 

As the game started, it became clear that this was not the normal Clash team, with only two or three obvious players from the past. 

The much-changed side made the most of the wet conditions to disrupt our play, and simply, they were the better team on the day, attacking us with ease. 

With Ewan at centre-back, his on the pitch leadership helped to keep the Clash attackers from scoring more goals, and he was pivotal in the switch from defence to attack. Baptiste was a threat up front, dribbling through the opposition defence and winning a penalty. Baptiste took the pen, and the keeper dived to his left to save it, but Dan Mendelssohn was quickest to react and emphatically smashed the ball into the net.
Unfortunately, this was a consolation goal as the Lions were well beaten, 5-1. 

Nevertheless, for providing a brief glimmer of hope, and being the team’s go-to utility man and last-minute savior, the Adecco MVP for this match is Daniel Mendelssohn.