Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs BFC Vagabonds - Richard Quinn

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs BFC Vagabonds - Richard Quinn

BEFC Lions went into this game against BFC Vagabonds on the back of 3 straight wins in the league.

With a much more stable squad than the previous two matches, BEFC Lions were able to play their last game of 2018 with a decent amount of confidence.

Games against the Vagabonds have always been well-tempered, with a similar vibe to both teams. This match saw both teams go toe-to-toe with their similar playing styles, often negating each other.

The deadlock was finally broken with a left side-footed effort from outside the box by Richard, which soared over the goalkeeper’s head and into the net.

BEFC Lions played well defensively, with Ben, Masa, Mark, Tsukasa and Nils forming a tight fortress at the back. Akito, Rich, Charles and Tetsu put in a solid effort in midfield, while Kaz, Tim and Viran in attack struggled to make any decisive incisions against the Vagabonds defense.

Nevertheless, operating under a Solsjkaer-esque managerial atmosphere of “play for fun”, another victory saw BEFC Lions at the top of the table right after this game. A clean sheet for goalie Yu put the sheen on top of this victory, but for his goal and effective positioning in midfield, the Adecco MVP of this match is Richard Quinn.