Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Albion Old Boys - Timothy Witvliet

  • Timothy Witvliet Adecco MVP Albion Old Boys

Second game of the season for Lions was against old foes Albion Old Boys, a team with a good long tradition in the TML and always a good challenge.

Following a frustrating start to the season, Lions were determined to make the most out of this game and get back on track to get points and play some good football. Although the 3 points slipped right out of their hands (only barely) after some unlucky rebounds in counters, but the team agreed that the passing and overall feeling of the team was one of the best performances of Lions, with several standout players including GK Yu with some excellent saves, DF Mark who contained Albion's dangerous playmaker, new CB Alex who commanded the line outstandingly in the first half, midfielder Ewan who as always showed his quality in midfield in his first appearance of the season, and the MVP for the match Witvliet whose hard press and strength gave Lions' their first goal of the season.

Despite three consecutive outstanding saves from GK Yu, luck favoured Albion after the rebound fell right to their strikers' feet allowing them to score despite Yu's best efforts. Lions however, were quick to pick themselves up, increasing pressure on their defenders and using attacking players Tsukasa, Timothy and Kaz's speed to force their defense into a mistake which was quickly taken advantage of by Witvliet who used one of his famous "smashes" to put the ball in the net. Lions could have gone further up in front after a Witvliet strike was deflected into the net, but a suspicious call by the linesman resulted in an offside call.

As Lions picked up pace and started driving the attack forward, midfielders began to push upwards eventually leading to a high ball that Witvliet would wrestle off two defenders to lob over the keeper and put Lions up. Unfortunately, feeling victory was assured the team drove forwards leaving new CB Alex to work hard as left-back Mark dealt with Albion's playmaker. It was then in a counter that Albion managed to steal the ball and overwhelm the Lions defense to score the draw. Lions continued attacking, always close to scoring again but time was not enough.

For his intense work rate and brace (that could have been a hat-trick if not for the debatable offside) that temporarily put him at the top of the "pichichi" table in Div 3, the Adecco MVP for the game was Timothy Witvliet.