Adecco BEFC Red Team MIFA Mixed Cup MVP- Mutsumi Nagamatsu

  • Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player vs MIFA Mixed Red - Matsumi Nagamatsu 

Being part of a new team, and one with highly competitive personalities during a day-long tournment can be challenging, but playing (well!), smiling and showing what a team is all about is something that makes players stand-out. During the MIFA mixed tournament, the BEFC Red team played with a focus on winning, and one player that managed to show all the above whilst playing at high intensity levels was Nagamatsu.

In her first time sharing the pitch with high intensity players like Ballet, Sakk and Marenco, Nagamatsu earned their respect through a strong performance doing in depth runs through the right and fighting for every ball that came along her way. Putting pressure on defenders as asked, her Falcao (in his Atletico days) like instinct and never.give up spirit demonstrated that she was playing with the right team, and earned her great praise from fellow standout player Marenco.

For her great spirit, sprints and contribution to the team, the BEFC Mixed Red Team MVP is Mutsumi Nagamatsu!