Adecco BEFC Red Team MIFA Embassy Cup MVP- Timoth Witvliet

  • Adecco BEFC Red Team MIFA Embassy Cup MVP- Timoth Witvliet

BEFC Red was the team formed to challenge for the MIFA Cup, and this competitive spirit was clearly embodied by our Adecco Man of the Match Timothy Witvliet.

Better known within BEFC for his power shots, Witvliet displayed his precision by scoring a hat trick in three different matches against direct rivals for the top of the table. Paired with several solid displays of defending from Arthur Villaneuva, BEFC had a striker that seemed to be slotting almost everything he touched. Beyond this, Witvliet also helped organize the team and drew an extremely complex matrix of substitions which the team was happy to follow.

Also scoring freely were forward Baptiste, whose cool finishing included his trademark smooth dribbling; and Ririo playing a threat with his Robben-like cut through the left and smooth slotting.

Witvliets only blemish came towards the end of the tournament, as BEFC were up 1-0, but a terribly harsh (and decisive) red card from the referee left the team with one man down against a powered up Spain who then drove forwards against standout defender Arthur. BEFC were eventually broken and the winner had to be decided through PKs during which Lady Luck sadly sided with the opposition.

For his proactive role as organizer, leader and his overall impressive goal scoring form and tenacity, BEFC Red's Adecco Man of the Match is Timothy Witvliet.