Adecco BEFC Pups Team MIFA Mixed Cup MVP- Namiho Takeda

  • Adecco BEFC Pups Team MIFA Mixed Cup MVP- Namiho Takeda

Organizing the signup to the first ever mixed tournament appearance for all of BEFC, Ladies VC Namiho Takeda showed the leadership and strong play for which she is admired by her peers in the club, making her the BEFC Pups Team MVP.

Playing with the BEFC team that was looking for a fun and balanced participation in the tournament, Namiho was keen on showing how well all the sections of this growing club could blend. Displaying a playing level at the top of the club, and at the same time keeping teammates happy, this was a great chance for the club to enjoy a great afternoon of football.
Her decisive goal in the final match, both for its quality and for its significance (securing the Pups victory in the final game) was the cherry in top of a performance that had already been praised by her peers. In a team with fellow Pup loving Mark acting as aid, Namiho kept her cool and made sure things ran smoothly for both teams. At one point she even calmed her fellow players when one of the teams started an unnecessary fight with BEFC (as the referees watched on).

For her initiative, friendly leadership and impressive striking and goalkeeping performances throughout the tournament (reminiscent of Jorge Campos), Namiho Takeda is BEFC Pups MVP.