Adecco BEFC MVP vs GUTS SC - Tsukasa Katase

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs GUTS SC - Tsukasa Katase

Getting the season back on track, BEFC took the lonely journey out to Fukuda Denshi with a reduced squad to play against GUTS SC who were currently top of the division. Both sides had met only once before in last season's cup, an extremely niggly affair but with BEFC coming out on top. Having had no drama for at least a whole two matches BEFC couldn't help themselves to make this another crazy outing eventually winning 3 - 1 in not the most conventional win.

BEFC started well and were one goal up courtesy of Tsukasa Katase's menacing romps down the right wing. However disaster struck when Fushimi prevented a goal scoring opportunity with his hand, subsequently being sent off and giving GUTS the chance to equalise from the spot. Their penalty was heroically saved by Sasada only for the referee to call for a retake on the grounds that Oomichi had entered the box before the taker had struck the ball - despite players from GUTS also running into the box before too. This sparked a wave of protests resulting in player coach Naoki Tanabe being dismissed by the referee for dissent. Suddenly BEFC were down to 9 men!

However 15 minutes later, a GUTS player found their way to the dressing room for a second yellow card slightly rebalancing the game, 9 vs 10. This sparked the BEFC comeback, and GUTS seem unable to cope with the loss of their player. Katase embarked on a crazy run down the right, cutting the ball in to be poached in by Takahashi. BEFC were now back in the lead. Keeping up the effort and pulling hard together as a team, a crafty chip over the defence landed into the path of Sakk to smash the ball home with a jumping volley. Suddenly BEFC were 3 - 1 up, and saw out the match for a very unconventional victory.

Despite the horror story of discipline gone array, nominations were made for the team as a whole who pulled together in exceptional circumstances to triumph against the odds. This left captain's choice for the Adecco Man of the Match and that went to the 'nasty in all means', Tsukasa Katase, the terror of the right wing. Katase was a constant menace, as well as providing two assists and scoring a goal himself. When the trauma struck of both dismissals, Katase dug in and his exceptional effort was motivational in the belief that BEFC could still win the match.
Therefore Tsukasa Katase is the Adecco BEFC MVP against GUTS SC.