Adecco BEFC MVP vs Fussa - Go Oomichi

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs Fussa - Go Oomichi

Last saturday on the 29th of September BEFC once again arrived at one of the nicer pitches we play on. It was going to be an important match because BEFC has not started the season as they wanted and lost twice in the first 2 games. Coach Naoki Tanabe could not make it so Timothy Witvliet took over as match captain.

Almost everyone arrived on time (even James Pounder) so there was enough time to do a proper warm up together and listen to the new part time Captain. Witvliet tried to let everyone play the same amount of time and made a complicated substitution system written down on a piece of paper. Fortunately everyone was working along great and the team was looking motivated to bag a win.
BEFC started the game strong and had loads of chances. Fussa was resorting to long ball, as predicted, and their tactic was quite clear from the start. Punch the ball forward and head it back to the 4 midfielders coming up strong and fast.
Pounder and Witvliet decided to defend together against the long balls and the midfield would aim for the second ball. After that Fussa had a lucky break by BEFC mistiming one of the million long balls Fussa launched forward and went ahead 1-0 against the run of play. BEFC were still creating loads of chances but were unlucky.

Second half started with some new fresh players coming in. Newcomer Joesph Humphreys took Witvliet's spot in defensive midfield and everyone complimented him at the end, agreeing that Humphreys made a wonderful new addition to the team. Pounder as a central center back commanded the back line wonderfully and did a good job helping Captain Witvliet marshal the team. One player deserving a notable mention was Angel Saez who started from the bench and made a huge impact when he came in. Saez was able to score twice due to some beautiful coordinated attacks. One of the players who had the biggest impact according to the majority of the team was Go Oomichi. Back from a short absence, from the start he was winning headers, giving amazing passes and fighting for every ball. Oomichi was participating in attack and defence and almost gave a beauty of a assist to Kentaro Takahashi.

For this it was decided that Go Oomichi is the Adecco BEFC MVP on this rainy Saturday against Fussa.