Adecco BEFC MVP vs FC International - Sei Katori

  • Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player vs FC International - Sei Katori

BEFC went into their last baptism of fire against the TML Divison 1 Runners up International FC with the fearsome opposition fielding no less than 3 professional football players. In addition to having some key players out, BEFC also trialed their new formation based on their current experience of D1 football, meaning all the team had to learn different positions and come even more out of their comfort zones. However any improvement means change and change requires getting uncomfortable and taking the risks. BEFC pulled together like a true team and passed all tests with distinction.

Of course it wasn't smooth sailing, but that was what made it a great match. To deal not only with new tactics but to pull them off against a very fearsome opponent, and stick together to come storming back to a deserved and glorious 2 - 2 draw with the last touch of the game.

It was a match where the MVP award goes to the whole team...but there can be only one! Making a choice and being decisive is an important trait to practice and so the MVP award was going to be as challenging as the match itself, since everyone performed well (well apart from the captain perhaps -- although maybe he made that up in strategy). Definite mentions went to Kentaro Ogawa as our new centerback, repeatedly impressing everyone with his ability and doing his predecessor of the role Cael Husband a fine honour. Then of course the match equaliser from Tsukasa Katase who relentlessly bombed up and down the right flank oozing threat as well as shutting down the opposition on defence, making use of the added freedom the new system offers him.

But, there can be only one and it was Sei Katori sporting his new BEFC goalie kit like a superhero as he dived and palmed away a number of vicious strikes from FC International. BEFC did a pretty good job at restricting FC International to the wings and outside the box, but a team of their quality still has the ability to fire off deadly long range strikes which they began to do. A lesser keeper could have easily been beaten by some of their rockets but Katori was equal to everything they blasted at him with acrobatic saves. On top a crucial element of Katori's game was that no matter how hard they smacked the ball at him it never spilled or bobbled preventing their quick strikers pouncing onto any hopeful rebound. And with such fast strikers Sei played the role of the sweeper keeper perfectly, always in the right place to dash out when they tried to exploit the space behind the back line. With great distribution to the outfield and this overall immense performance, despite the huge team performance and even more standout players no one could deny that Sei Katori was fully worthy of the Adecco BEFC MVP against FC International.