Adecco BEFC MVP vs Dutch FC - Yu Sasada

  • Adecco BEFC MVP vs Dutch FC - Yu Sasada

In a snowy spectacular BEFC took on Dutch FC for a potential D2 Champions fight. With Sala FC and SUNS both losing, a win would put BEFC one point behind SUNS with a game in hand. Dutch also in a similar position would have gone equal points with SUNS. Both teams with a lot of play for and both on a recent strong run of performances. 

For this match BEFC were missing a number of regulars who were part of the team recent run of good form and saw six squad members coming back into the side from either injury, vacation or recently joined. This put a lot of pressure on them to click with the current tactics and it showed as BEFC finally drew 1 - 1 in an energetic encounter, albeit a slightly chaotic one.

With some good performances and some showing what happens when too many people who have been out return, the defence had to put in a massive shift as often the midfield had gone missing on their defensive duties...except for nearly MVP Joeseph Humphries who put in a huge shift at DM disrupting the waves of Dutch FC counter-attacks breaking over the back four. It would be no surprise that Humphries was well lauded in the MVP nominations, but one player just pipped him to the accolade for some outstanding goalkeeping and crucial saves that kept the scoreline level. Yu Sasada stepped up his game in the snowy weather, smartly playing high when noticing the counter-attack threat and being able to rush out sweeper-keeper style to limit the through-ball tactic, as well as keeping his goal safe from longshots and collecting the whipped in corners and multitude of free-kicks given to Dutch. A few keys saves in the second half as Dutch took advantage or BEFC's centerbacks being left isolated saw Sasada shut down the TML's most well known professional football player Genki Nakamura in a one on one and deservedly secured the point for BEFC.

In the two horse MVP nominations race Yu Sasada is the Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player versus Dutch FC.