BEFC help Para Sports Esperanza meet their crowdfunding goal for E's Sports Cafe project

  • E's Sports Cafe project - Tama Center Japan

BEFC members raised ¥100,000 to support Para Sports Esperanza's 'E's Sports Cafe project' crowdfunding campaign. E's Cafe is a unique social Cafe concept where people with disabilties make up a large portion of the cafe's workforce and in doing are able to gain proper industry experience and support as opposed to menial labour often given to this social group in general society (You can learn about the project in our earlier post on NPO Esperanza).

To raise addition funds for this project beyond building an entire cafe, NPO Esperanza launched a crowdfunding campaign on with the funding received for supporting the employees and their management. Their goal was to reach ¥1,500,000 in 'an all or nothing context' meaning that if they did not reach their target by March 24th 2017 (the crowdfunding platform's timeframe) the funding must be returned.

BEFC managed to support by raising and then buying a ¥100,000 package which all goes directly to the project.
This effort helped raise the total funds to 86% with two days to go. NPO Esperanza and E's Cafe supporters then managed to meet their target with a final ¥1,608,000 raised by the deadline!!! BEFC members can know they played a big part in getting the campaign to the target, their effort was important and greatly appreciated.

BEFC are proud to support this great initiative which will be a first in Japan and we hope an inspirational model for other groups and society to follow. We believe in making a supportive and inclusive society where everyone is given a fair opportunity to take part, show and provide their best to others without barriers.

Para Sports Esperanza provides many sporting opportunities for people with disability which are not available to them with barriers to regularly run clubs, teams and leagues. Now they are extending this level of inclusion to the workplace and leading to more awareness, inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities in the community and general society.

BEFC are looking forward to a budding relationship with Para Sports Esperanza and will be making a few visits to E's Cafe which is now up and running in Tama Center, as well as a special futsal session followed by visit to the Cafe.

E's Cafe has opened in Tama Center, between Yokohama and Tokyo. The Cafe is also situated right next to a futsal centre, so you can take your team down to play futsal, followed by a worthy and friendly place to enjoy your post-game socialising!

If you want to make a special futsal session combined with E's Cafe, maybe they can get you a special deal?
If you'd like to find out feel free to contact BEFC because we're happy to assist anyone who would go down and check out E's!

Here's the info:

BEFC will visit E's after the following Matches/Events

E's Sports Cafe project - Tama Center Japan