BEFC to take part in the 6th Inter-embassy futsal tournament

Last year BEFC took part in the 5th Inter-embassy futsal tournament hosted by NPO Amia, featuring 14 teams represented by BEFC, Paraguay, MOFAJapan, Colombia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Amia FC, Saudi Arabia, U.S.A, Minato Mirai FC, Nepal, Russia, Korea and China.

It was a fun tournament in which we got off to a slow start as BEFC tradition dictates before finally finishing 7th but beating the competition winners Paraguay. Getting used to the indoor court took a little while and then we got our mojo on, but too late to compete for medals. So there was then the typical finishing playoff match in which we trounced Saudi Arabia something like 8 - 0. This was made especially amusing due to half their team being Lions FC who we played the following day in the Tokyo Metropolitan League (which we also won).

Above is a Tokyo cable channel broadcast with a segment on the tournament. Skip in 1 minute to get to the action. We don't appear much in it but our President Rich O pops up talking to the organiser behind the guy being interviewed. Obviously the entire video is in Japanese. For a report on the previous tournament there is a page at Amia's website.

BEFC have been invited back to play again, and we of course will be well up for it! However you'll have to wait for the event page to register since it is scheduled for October 17th.