BEFC Alumni and UK Ambassador to Vietnam - Giles Lever sends support!

  • BEFC Alumni Giles Lever in Vietnam

BEFC's heroics this season are not going unnoticed, especially with the nail biting grandstand finish with Division 1 promotion all to play for.
Ex-BEFC player, Giles Lever and UK Ambassador to Vietnam took a moment to contact us with the following message of support which we want to pass on:


Hello BEFC.  Hope this e-mail doesn't sound crazy.  I'm just a former BEFC player who stumbled by accident across this excellent website, and wanted to say that I'm so pleased to see the club still going strong.  Some of the stuff about keeping going through thick and thin really resonated - my time with the club saw us swing wildly between promotion glory, and abject relegations.  Not to mention the sweetest experience of my sporting life - beating BFC 3-2 in the TML cup quarter final after being 2-0 down at half time.  Keep flying the flag and keep beating BFC!

with kind regards

Giles Lever

(BEFC goalkeeper, 2002-06)
(1st Secretary Political, British Embassy Tokyo, 2002-06)


It's great to hear from BEFC alumni and helps remind us that BEFC is more than just a football team. It's a club with a history and tradition, and many people feel strongly about their time with BEFC and how we are doing now. We can feel this too and know that our BEFC adventures are watched and encouraged. I found the photo above of Giles still playing football in Vietnam, wearing his classic BEFC goalie shirt!

We also did as he asked and beat BFC 2 - 0 in the Charity 7s competition on the weekend ;)
As Giles, says... 'Keep the BEFC flag flying'.