BEFC Masters 7s

TMl Masters

This season Footy Japan trialed the new TML Masters League (which BEFC may have had something to do with provoking).
It was a 4 team round robin at YCAC which decided a second meeting in a kind of playoff to decide the winners and runners up.

Having been rather successful TML Masters has created a bit of a buzz with different players talking about joining or forming a team.

This makes a BEFC revival possible for ex-BEFC players, current players shading over 40 and beyond plus potential new members who would join a newly formed BEFC Masters team.

However we have to see if this is possible.

As we basically already know who at the club is over 40, please sign up if you are interested in forming the BEFC Masters team to compete in the new league. In it's current format it is only 2 weekends in a half-season and at the YCAC, so no major commitment to you.

Also if you know players who are non-members but are interested in joining/forming the team please also add their name to the list.
If we think we have a big enough potential player pool we can move it forward and talk to the TML.

I have also talked to Saitama Jets about forming a team by merging the player pool, but it would be much better to keep it as BEFC since if we do that I am not sure how the team would be named/branded.