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18th (Wed) Jul 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Oakwood Clash - Tim Witvliet

Timothy Witvliet Adecco MVP vs Oakwood Clash
For the final game of the debut season for BEFC Lions, they faced Oakwood Clash for the third time this season. BEFC Lions had knocked Clash out of the Plate, drawn in the first league game, and a draw here would have ensured that BEFC Lions finished 6th in Division 3. This match saw some...
09th (Mon) Jul 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Nepal FC - Jaisal Shah

Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Nepal FC - Jaisal Shah
For their penultimate game of the season, BEFC Lions faced their first ever opponents, Nepal FC. The first leg ended 3-3, with two goals from Jaisal and one from Viran being squandered by some extremely unfortunate goalkeeping. With the team coming a long way across the season, BEFC Lions were...
08th (Sun) Jul 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC Ladies MIFA FP 4th Anniversary Tournament - Namiho Takeda

Despite the morning rain, BEFC Ladies brought out the sun and made a great showing at the MIFA Football Park 4th Anniversary Ladies Tournament, beating the competition to win the championship. BEFC Ladies started with both strong offense and defense, earning some early wins. A few of the young and...
12th (Tue) Jun 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC Ladies Shibuya-ku Ladies Futsal Cup - Tomoe Suzuki

BEFC Ladies showed a big improvement as a team and played exceptionally well against the teams from the local futsal leagues at the Shibuya-ku Ladies Futsal Tournament. Initially there was some positioning issues and BEFC Ladies had a tough start against teenagers with full of energy/stamina at the...
02nd (Sat) Jun 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Albion Old Boys - Ewan Walton

BEFC Lions wanted revenge against Albion Old Boys after losing early in the season 3-1. Recent form has been good, and the team have come a long way since that first match. However, the Lions knew it would be tough to beat the Old Boys on their home pitch. The day was hot, and the afternoon game...
01st (Fri) Jun 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs King George - Kazushi Komatsu

Kaz Komatsu Adecco MVP King George
BEFC Lions faced their self-declared rivals, King George FC after the first leg saw a crazy 6-4 victory for the Lions. King George were looking for revenge, but were completely dismantled by the Lions in their best game so far this season. The team was perfectly balanced, with a confident and...
29th (Tue) May 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Pumas - Taka Yoshida

Adecco MVP vs Pumas Takahiro Yoshida
After the disappointment of losing the Cup Final last weekend, BEFC quickly recovered to gain a valuable point against Pumas in a hard fought encounter. If nothing else, BEFC learnt from the mistakes made during the final and proved that the 4-0 scoreline did not reflect the quality of our team...
22nd (Tue) May 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Pumas - Tsukasa Katase

Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player - Tsukasa Katase
Since the Tokyo Metropolis League started 15 years ago BEFC had only been in the Cup final once! 15 years ago at the TML's birth under the alias 'Perfidious Albion'. So it was time for some history in the making against a very strong and still upcoming Pumas FC who had lost the final the previous...
22nd (Tue) May 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Zion FC - Kentaro Takahashi

BEFC vs Zion FC 2018
BEFC entered a must win game against co-promoted club Zion FC in order to have a chance of staying up in Division 1. With a good track record against Zion it was surpring that the previous fixture they had dispatched 3rd placed Pumas 4 - 2 to keep themselves ahead of BEFC in the struggled to avoid...
18th (Wed) Apr 2018

BEFC reach the FJC Cup Final for the first time in 14 years!

BEFC reach Footy Japan Competitions Cup Final
After a wait of 14 years BEFC reached the final of the Footy Japan Cup with a well earned 1 - 0 win over traditional ancient rivals the British Football Club. They will face slightly newer (and younger) rivals Pumas FC in the cup final on Saturday May 19th at Yokohama Athletics and Country Club...
16th (Mon) Apr 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC vs BFC - Nils Simon

Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player - Nils Simon
It was show time for BEFC as they prepared to challenge the classic old rival BFC in the Footy Japan Competitions Cup for a place in the Final! This match had a lot of history, especially with BFC originally formed from BEFC in the early 80s. They are both the original British Football Club of...
08th (Sun) Apr 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC vs Sala - Timothy Witvliet

Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player vs Sala - Timothy Witvliet
BEFC headed out to their least favourite pitch against the team they have failed to beat for over 4 years for a vital relegation battle showdown where coming back with 3 points was the only acceptable outcome. For over 4 seasons BEFC have never managed to beat Sala. And while in some cases Sala at...
01st (Sun) Apr 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC vs BFC - Soutaro Kirihara

Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player MIFA - Soutaro Kirihara
In the prelude to the FJC Semi-Final BEFC faced the return match in the league against ancient rivals British Football Club. It was a tough match to lose as for most of the game BEFC were much the better team. It was yet another lesson of Division 1 in which a mistake or misfortune in the wrong...
30th (Fri) Mar 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Imperio FC - Yu Sasada

Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player vs Imperio - Yu Sasada
The Lions maiden voyage into the Plate saw them into the quarter-finals versus Division 2 side Imperio FC. Due to a mix-up with schedules, as well as injuries to key players, the Lions were just about to scramble a team together, which on paper, looked very tasty. However, two players who were...
29th (Thu) Mar 2018

Adecco MVP BEFC Lions vs Saitama Jets - Timothy Witvliet

Adecco BEFC Most Valuable Player - Timothy Witvliet
Lions unbeaten record continued as they prepared to face Saitama Jets, a team with the best defensive record in the division, but otherwise a large unknown for Lions who were ready to make the almost international voyage (distance wise it felt) to their home pitch! With a number of injuries...