Adecco MVP BEFC vs Kanto Celts - Timothy Witvliet

BEFC faced last season's D1 runners up Kanto Celts for the second time this season. Last time they faced was the first game of the season, which ended up 4-4 with BEFC’s well-earned comeback from three goals down.

Despite recent unfortunate results, BEFC stayed being positive and believed if they score crucial chances they create, they would get pleasant results in the end. BEFC finally got what they wanted for long time with 10-0 victory – the biggest win for BEFC in Division 1!

Scorers are as follows:
[First Half]
Ririo - Left foot smashing second ball from corner kick
Toshinori - Right foot assisted by Ririo following beautiful sliding tackle by Kenta
Timothy – Quick finish of 1 on 1 assisted by Kenta
Toshinori - Right foot volley into the side net assisted by Ririo
[Second Half]
Ririo - Right foot following save after 1 on 1 attempt by Toshinori
Ririo - Right foot from outside the box assisted by Tsukasa: His third Hat Trick this season
Ririo - Best header you ever see from corner kick assisted by Kenta
Ririo - Calm finish of 1 on 1 assisted by Kenta
Toshinori - Right foot assisted by Ririo: His first Hat Trick for BEFC
Timothy - Beautiful sliding goal assisted by Tsukasa

Yu, Taka, Hama, Olaf, Kenta and late arriving Yuta well defended and surely deserved the first clean sheet of the season. Yu, Hama and Olaf didn’t lose their focus and control the whole game. Kanto Celts had one quick attacker and they kept trying to do counter attack with him but BEFC CB didn’t allow them to do that.
BEFC FB – Taka, Kenta and Yuta were running a lot, helping WM and joining BEFC attack many times providing balls to DMs and front 4.

BEFC DM - Kotaro and Katsu were just brilliant as always. They now understand each other, communicate with other positions’ players and keep balance both offensively and defensively. BEFC good attacking always start from them. Without them, BEFC could not create so many chances to score 10 goals.

As for what BEFC WM, AM and ST did, please see the above score sheet.

The Adecco MVP for BEFC vs Kanto Celts is Timothy Witvliet for his strong performance and hard work in defense. Although sometimes he didn’t get a ball, he kept running into the box. This led to that he scored the last goal for BEFC to complete the BEFC first ever victory with double-digit score in Division 1. Everyone played very well and deserved MVP for this glorious victory but The Adecco MVP for BEFC vs Kanto Celts is Timothy Witvliet!